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Boston College economics faculty comprises 39 full-time positions. They allocate their time between research and teaching in undergraduate (1,300 majors) and doctoral (70 students) programs as well as participating in the wider intellectual life of the University, the Boston area and, the world.

Intellectual Leadership

Boston College provides considerable intellectual leadership to the economics profession. Members of the department hold 28 editorial board positions on some of the leading journals of the profession. Department members include five co-editors of journals and one NIH review panel member. Four members of the department are NBER Research Associates and one is a Faculty Research Fellow. Three members of the department are Fellows of the Econometric Society. The Boston College Economics department ranks 18th among U.S. economics departments in the December, 2018 IDEAS rankings and 26th in the December, 2018 IDEAS world rankings. Recent faculty hires include distinguished econometricians and theorists, adding to the established strength of the department in applied economics.

BCEC, the Boston College Department of Economics Newsletter

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