Current Students

Resources for Current Students

The Carroll School Graduate Programs Office oversees course scheduling, registration, degree audits, student records, registration policies, and academic procedures for all graduate students at the Carroll School.

To contact the Graduate Programs Office, call 617-552-3773, email us or stop by our office in Carney Hall 175 during regular office hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm).



To apply for advanced standing or equivalency credit, you must complete an application for review by the graduate curriculum director. To learn more about course waivers, please review the course waiver policy.


The 2019-2020 Student Academic Handbook can be found here.


Students are responsible for ensuring that their graduation term is correct in Agora. To update a graduation term: please email the email account.


Graduate students register and drop/add using either one of the following options:

  • "Register for Courses" link under "My Services" through your Agora Portal account 
  • U-View using the University Information System (UIS)
  • To register for those courses marked as Department Permission, please call the Graduate Programs Office at 617-552-3773.

As noted in the course descriptions, some electives have prerequisite requirements. Please take note of this and DO NOT register for courses for which you do not have the necessary prerequisites. If you do, you will be dropped from the course. 

Graduate students registering for 9 credit hours or more must meet the Immunization Requirements.

For the summer sessions: students have until noon following the second class meeting to add or drop a course without any penalty. Students wishing to drop or add a class after the course has met for the first time must contact the Graduate Programs Office in Carney Hall 175 (617-552-3773).


MBA students may be eligible to waive courses based upon prior coursework and/or professional certifications (such as CPA or CFA). Waiver policies vary according to program. Please read the course waiver policy for more information.


Part-time MBA students may cross register for one course each semester (not including Summer) at Boston University and Tufts, through the Consortium. Students interested in cross-registering for courses through the Consortium must first seek approval from the Graduate Programs Office and complete the necessary cross-registration forms, available through the University Office of Student Services (Lyons Hall). Per the Consortium agreement, tuition will be billed through the student’s Boston College account, at the Carroll School of Management’s tuition rate.


If you would like an academic audit of your record, please email Leia Hopson.


Directed Studies are intended to allow students to study material of merit that is not included in existing graduate level courses in the Carroll School of Management. They are considered as a compliment to a carefully designed program of study. Students interested in pursuing a Directed Study must prepare a written proposal of study and have it signed by the faculty member who will oversee the Directed Study.  

The proposal is presented to the department's chair or program faculty advisor and requires his/her written approval.


  • Carroll School faculty will only oversee Directed Studies for Carroll School students.
  • Directed Study projects should typically be sponsored by full-time faculty. Any exceptions to the above policy should be made by the academic department chair.
  • Directed Studies are voluntary for both faculty and student.
  • Directed Studies require a written proposal of study prepared by the student and signed by the faculty. The proposals will be presented to the department chair or program academic advisor and require his/her written approval.
  • Directed Studies cannot be used to support academic work outside of the Carroll School of Management.
  • The maximum number of credits from all Directed Studies cannot exceed six (6) credits for any given student.
  • Students are not eligible for Directed Studies in their first semester.
  • Directed Studies will count as an elective and cannot replace a core course.
  • Students may not register independently for Directed Studies but will be registered by the Academic Department or Graduate Programs Office. 


Current Carroll School graduate students may apply to one of the Carroll School dual degree offerings (MBA/MSF, MBA/MSA) through an abbreviated application process.


Students in the Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs are expected to adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct as outlined in the Core Values. A student who accepts and adheres to the standards will remain in good standing within the Carroll School of Management Graduate Programs. Upon enrollment, students must acknowledge that they've read and understand the Carroll School's Core Values by signing and returning the form to Kathryn Najarian. 


Transcript requests are managed and fulfilled by the Boston College Office of Student Services.