Boston College Affinity Groups are volunteer, employee-managed groups that promote the interests of their respective constituencies. Affinity Groups bring together individuals with common interests to facilitate efforts that promote education and awareness while helping to advance and sustain a campus culture and climate that welcomes diversity and inclusiveness. All members of the BC community are welcomed!

<h3>Contact:  </h3> <p><a href="mailto:richard.jackson&#64;">richard.jackson&#64;</a><br /> </p>
<p>Awareness Benefiting Leadership and Employees about Disabilities aims to promote and affirm an inclusive campus environment for persons with disabilities at Boston College while providing social and professional awareness opportunities for all faculty, staff, and administrators.</p>
Asian/Pacific Islander Employees (APIE)
<h3>Contact:  </h3> <p><a href="mailto:apiebostoncollege&#64;">apiebostoncollege&#64;</a><br /> </p>
<p>Promotes the welfare and interests of Asian/Pacific Islander Employees at Boston College through meetings and the sponsorship of events that enhance the work environment and educate others about the incredible richness and diversity of API cultures. </p>
<h3>Contact:  </h3> <p><a href="mailto:bfsaa&#64;">bfsaa&#64;</a>, <a href="mailto:andy.petigny&#64;">andy.petigny&#64;</a>, <a href="mailto:claire.johnson.2&#64;">claire.johnson.2&#64;</a><br /> </p>
<p>The Black Faculty, Staff, and Administrators Association (BFSAA) promotes the interests, welfare, and advancement of people of color on campus and also hosts meetings and events for fellowship, dialogue, and debate. </p>
<p>The Jewish Faculty, Staff, Administrators, and Allies affinity group at Boston College provides opportunities for all members of the BC campus community to learn about Judaism, celebrate Jewish holidays and cultural traditions, engage in open dialogue, and discuss current events. The group aims to create a supportive environment to build community while developing social, educational, and programmatic partnerships to raise awareness about the Jewish experience on campus. <br /> </p>
<h3><span style=" font-weight: normal; ">Contact: </span></h3> <p><a href="mailto:lgbtqsteering&#64;">lgbtqsteering&#64;</a>,  <a href="mailto:%20julie.gagnon&#64;">julie.gagnon&#64;</a></p> <p><br /> <br /> </p>
<p>An association of faculty, administrators, and staff that provides support and advocates for the LGBT community at BC. The acronym LGBT encompasses all gender identities and sexual orientations. <br /> </p>
Latino/as at Boston College (L@BC)
<h3>Contact: </h3> <p><a href="mailto:latbc&#64;">latbc&#64;</a>, <a href="mailto:sebastian.coronadodurand&#64;">sebastian.coronadodurand&#64;</a></p>
<p>Latino/as at Boston College promotes the interests and advancement of the Latino community at BC, while honoring and celebrating the diversity of Latino culture and actively contributing to the enrichment of the University. </p>
Middle-Eastern Employees and Allies (MEEA)
<h3>Contact:  </h3> <p><a href="mailto:meeabostoncollege&#64;">meeabostoncollege&#64;</a>, <a href="mailto:noura.elhabbal&#64;">noura.elhabbal&#64;</a></p>
<p>Middle-Eastern Employees and Allies promotes the welfare and interests of BC’s Middle-Eastern employees and advocates for the professional development and wellbeing of the University&#39;s Middle-Eastern community.</p>
Staff Advisory Senate
<h3>Contact: </h3> <p><a href="mailto:sas&#64;">sas&#64;</a></p>
<p>Acts as a liaison between the administration and support staff, presenting proposals that would benefit employees from all areas of the University and working with Human Resources to promote employee development.</p>
Veterans Affinity Group
<h3>Contact:  </h3> <p><a adhocenable="false" href="mailto:michael.lorenz&#64;">michael.lorenz&#64;</a></p>
<p>Raises awareness of veterans&#39; issues across campus and advocates for improved resources and services for Boston College students and staff who have served their country.</p>
Women's Collaborative
<h3>Contact:  </h3> <p><a href="mailto:bcwcsc-ggroup&#64;">bcwcsc-ggroup&#64;</a>, <a href="mailto:maryanne.kirby&#64;">maryanne.kirby&#64;</a>, </p> <p><a href="mailto:maureen.nowak&#64;">maureen.nowak&#64;</a></p>
<p>Works to increase the visibility of women&#39;s issues, challenges, and accomplishments while developing strategies to help women advance in their careers at Boston College. </p>