Messina College

Messina College is the newest undergraduate college of the University. It offers Associate's degrees in four majors that prepare students for specialized careers in education, business, health, and STEM fields. Students are also well-positioned after earning their Associate’s degree to pursue bachelor’s degree studies either at Boston College or another 4-year institution.

Career discernment and preparation are built into the Messina curriculum. At Messina College a student's program consists of a First-Year Discovery Seminar, required Core courses, intensive study in a major field, and an internship (or clinical rotations for Health Science majors) with a 3-credit internship seminar course.

Messina College provides its students with a strong foundation in a Jesuit liberal arts education, along with the major skills required to succeed in either direct entry into the workforce or to pursue additional higher education. 


The Messina College Core consists of a subset of the University Core required of all BC four-year undergraduate students. Messina’s Core provides introductory exposure to the various disciplines that define a liberally educated individual in today's world. All Messina students must complete Core requirements in the Arts, Cultural Diversity, History, Literature, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Theology, and Writing. The Theology and Philosophy course has a service component that helps students apply and integrate these disciplines into a student's own intellectual discovery. By completing 11–12 of the BC Core requirements, grade-eligible Messina students are well-positioned to enter their 3rd year at Boston College and complete their remaining Core courses within the next two years. If students decide to pursue a bachelor's degree at a peer institution, Core courses often align with the general education requirements at other 4-year schools.


All students at Messina College must select a major field of study from one of the four majors offered in the college. These majors align with coursework in Boston College’s four bachelor’s degree schools:

  • Applied Data Science: Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences
  • Applied Psychology and Human Development: Lynch School of Education and Human Development
  • General Business: Carroll School of Management
  • Health Sciences: Connell School of Nursing

Academic work in the major includes experiential learning opportunities to enable students to directly apply their coursework to career exploration. Courses are designed to develop critical and analytical thinking, professional and presentational skills, and an appreciation for the complexity of an area of study beyond the introductory level. A major generally consists of at least 18 credits in a field. Some of these are sequentially organized required courses. A list of the required courses for each major is available on the Majors page. While most of the courses are taught on the Brookline campus, Messina students in their second year of the program will attend at least one major course per semester with peers on the Chestnut Hill campus to ensure that Messina students benefit from interaction with the faculty and students in BC's other undergraduate schools and colleges.

Program Requirements

To graduate from Messina College, students must take at least 60 credits over four semesters and two summer sessions. Summer sessions are required for all Messina College students.

The requirements for the program include:

  • 36 credits in the Core Curriculum
  • At least 18 credits in a major concentration
  • An internship
  • A public speaking course
  • A first-year seminar

Students who complete all requirements with at least a cumulative 3.4 grade-point average will be eligible for an internal transfer to one of the four-year undergraduate day schools or colleges at Boston College.


Internships, or clinical rotations for students studying Health Sciences, will take place during the fall semester of students’ second year. Students will simultaneously take a 3-credit seminar course to help them connect their internship experience to their academic and professional goals, and reflect on and articulate the professional skills they are gaining.

In addition to the accompanying course, students will work closely with a Boston College Career Center coach throughout the internship process. The Career Center coach will help students prepare for their internship experience, navigate any challenges, and serve as a resource for on-site internship supervisors.

Academic Regulations


Internal Transfer

Students at Messina College with a 3.4 GPA can make an internal transfer into any of the Undergraduate Day schools with the approval of both the Dean of Messina College and the receiving Undergraduate Day school deans. Eligibility for transfer does not guarantee admission into all programs of study. In some cases, students will need to apply for admission into a particular program (i.e., Connell School of Nursing) due to capacity limitations.

Time to Complete a Degree

Messina College follows a cohort model for its programs of study. If a student falls outside of their cohort due to medical or personal circumstances, such as an approved leave of absence, the Associate Dean will outline a course of study for completion when possible. Housing, however, cannot be guaranteed outside of the student's intended graduation cohort.

A student who is unable to complete a program of study in a timely manner (not to exceed three years) despite a revised program of study as outlined by the Dean's Office may be asked to withdraw from the program and advised to transfer to another degree program in the Woods College of Advancing Studies or to an external institution.