Students can make progress in their major and minor concentrations while exploring new areas of interest and opportunities that may not be available in Chestnut Hill. The Office of International Programs facilitates the transfer of credits and grades to the student’s BC record. For all questions related to academics abroad, please contact the Academic Operations Administrator.

General Requirements

Students must be in good academic standing, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Students must have made good progress toward meeting core and major requirements.

A&S students must also have completed the equivalent of one year of the language proficiency requirement.

Some programs have additional requirements. Students should consult with their OIP Advisor for specific information.

Summer courses abroad have different academic requirements which students should review before applying.

Students must be in good disciplinary standing.

Academics First

These courses really furthered my knowledge of the subjects and my professors pushed me to learn in different ways. It really opened my eyes to the different experiences people have around the world in terms of education.
Boston College Study Abroad Participant, Class of 2021

Selecting Courses Abroad


Every host institution and external program provider handles the course selection process differently. To ensure the most accurate and efficient transfer of credits and grades to your BC student record, please follow the steps below and review our academic policies carefully.

Required Academic Steps For BC Students Studying Abroad

1. Review carefully all of OIP’s academic policies and consult the pre-approved courses.

2. Meet with your academic advisor and discuss your course selection. Try to select courses that you would not be able to take at BC, in Boston, in the US, or in your home country.

3. Review the policies and process for course approvals, and complete the online Degree Audit Course Substitution Waiver Form for courses which you would like to count toward major, minor, or core credit.

4. Select your courses: remember to register for a full course load (the equivalent of 15-16 US credits), keeping in mind that courses must have a substantial academic component.

1. Declare any non-major, non-minor, or non-Core courses you would like to take pass/fail within two weeks of the first class meeting (for accelerated, intensive, or early-start courses, P/F must be declared one week after the first class meeting). You are required to take a full load of courses at your host institution abroad.

2. Keep copies of all syllabi, course materials, assignments, and correspondence with faculty for future reference.

3. Register online for BC courses for the semester following your return.

4. Check if your institution or provider requires a transcript release form before you leave.

1. Students on external programs: request that your transcript be sent to the OIP.

2. Be patient: it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of months for your transcript to be sent by your host institution and processed by OIP and Student Services. If you require an expedited transcript processing, contact the Academic Operations Administrator.

BC Registration for Returning Students


Students who are abroad will be able to register online for the following semester. Visit the BC course registration page for more information.

If you do not have internet access at your scheduled registration time:

  • Contact the Office of Student Services at 800-294-0294 or at and a Service Associate will assist you with your registration.
  • Your parent/guardian can contact the Office of Student Services directly with your course registration information.