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The McGillycuddy-Logue Fellows Program incorporates three major components, which are integrated over a period of two and a half years, starting from spring of the sophomore year through the spring of the senior year: academics, experiential learning, and individual and community development.

Program Components

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  • Introductory course, "Global Ethics and Pragmatic Solidarity: Taking Action towards Transformative Change," 3 credits, spring semester of sophomore year with cohort. Course number UNAS1164  
  • Study abroad fall, spring, or academic year of junior year
  • Senior Seminar, 3 credits, fall semester of senior year with cohort members
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  • One weekend of the sophomore spring semester will be dedicated to a weekend-service learning retreat
  • International service experience during a semester abroad
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Individual & Community Development

  • Retreat in the spring semester of sophomore year
  • Retreat in the spring semester of senior year, directly following the Senior Seminar
  • Ongoing events organized by the Fellows, focusing on topics related to the program and open to all members of the BC community

Meet the McGillycuddy-Logue Fellows 2026 Cohort


McGillycuddy-Logue Fellows Application




Application Deadline
October 15


The program is open to all BC undergraduate students in the fall semester of their sophomore year. There is no minimum GPA requirement, yet applicants must demonstrate that they are eligible to study abroad, academically and in terms of disciplinary standing. Students need not be already involved in leadership activities on campus; they will be selected for their potential, as well as for prior experience.

How to apply

Students are required to submit a personal statement, photo and résumé to by October 15.

In the personal statement, applicants should address each of the following questions. Limit replies to each question to 200 words.

  1. Why are you interested in applying to this program?
  2. What is your current understanding of and belief about social justice and why do you think it is important?
  3. What unique skills, experiences, interests and/or perspectives would you be able to contribute as a McGillycuddy-Logue Fellow?

Next steps

Those who qualify will then be invited to participate in an entrance interview. Final decisions will be determined by mid-November, allowing students to adjust their spring semester accordingly, and also give ample time to choose an abroad program that suits their interests and permits them to complete the required service placement.

Please refer all questions to the Program Assistant.

McGillycuddy-Logue Fellows Staff and Faculty

Patrick O'Donnell

Patrick O'Donnell

Assistant Director

Patrick O’Donnell joined the OGE staff in July 2013 and is responsible for programs in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, as well as serving as the advisor for the McGillycuddy-Logue Fellows program. Patrick's areas of interest include promoting study abroad to underrepresented students, language acquisition and the role of social media in higher education.

Peyton Blaise Wilson

Peyton Blaise Wilson

Program Assistant

Peyton Blaise Wilson is a graduate student working towards her M.A. in Learning Engineering in the Lynch School of Education and Human Development's Department of Formative Education. As the Graduate Assistant for the McGillycuddy-Logue Fellows Program, Peyton advises fellows on service-learning opportunities during their time abroad. She also works closely with faculty, staff, and students to develop and facilitate curricula surrounding program-exclusive coursework, on-campus roundtable events, and off-campus retreats.

McGillycuddy-Logue Fellows Advisory Committee


Bartomeu Estelrich
Mission & Ministry


Larry Pickener
Office of Global Education

Burton Howell

Marina McCoy

David McMenamin

Adrienne Nussbaum
Office of International Students and Scholars


Daniel Ponsetto
Volunteer & Service Learning Center

Stephen Pope

Mike Sacco
Center for Student Formation

Akua Sarr
Office of the Provost

Ethan Sullivan
Carroll School of Management

Celeste Wells

I have, through the McGillycuddy-Logue program, thought about different issues in the world, what is the right way to handle them, and what is my place in their process and solution.
McGillycuddy-Logue Fellow, MCAS '19