Study Abroad

All students are encouraged to participate in a study-abroad program, preferably during their junior year. Up to three courses taken abroad and focusing on the student's study may be transferred for credit toward the minor.

Boston College university-based exchange programs:

Please contact the Office of International Programs to learn about the above opportunities.

In addition, students can make arrangements to study elsewhere in the Islamic World. There are several study-abroad programs that do not have official partnerships with Boston College but are approved by the ICS program. Please consult with Kathleen Bailey, the Associate Director, for further information.

Heading Nowhere

Echo Yiyang Zhuge '20 traveled to Morocco last spring (2017) as part of the Mizna Fellowship Program. She offered the following reflection on this photograph (below), which she took in the Sahara Desert.

"I took this photo from the back of my camel in the middle of the Sahara Desert in Morocco. We had been traveling deep into the desert for over three hours on that day. I was praying for sunset so we’d finally stop our caravan and camp, since without the sun, the world becomes pitch-black and dangerous for wanderers. I had worked with children of refugees who had migrated from countries across sub-Saharan Africa into Morocco. And it was during these long hours into the vast emptiness of nothing but yellow sands that I began to fathom the visceral toil of exile."