Undergraduate Programs

In this cross-disciplinary public health program—a collaboration between the Connell School and BC's Schiller Institute—you will gain an interdisciplinary understanding of social factors, economics, race, the environment, history and politics which shape patterns of health and disease and gain the skills you will need to confront curious health challenges such as Covid-19, climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss.    

Visit the CSON website for academic program information.

Electives for the Global Public Health and the Common Good Major and Minor

Additional electives may be considered subject to the approval of the Program Director and Associate Deans. Please contact publichealth@bc.edu for prior approval and further instructions.

Students pursuing a Minor in Global Public Health must select 3 Electives, at least one of which MUST be from the Public Health Electives list (List B). 

  • CSON minor Students only:  All CSON Nursing students must take NURS4260 and NURS4261 which both count as University Electives (List A), therefore the final elective must be from the Public Health Electives list (List B).

Students pursuing a Major in Global Public Health must select:

  • 2 Electives from either the University Electives or the Public Health Electives list