Globally Minded

The Office of Global Education (OGE) has a long tradition of working with faculty from across the University, with the objective of helping Boston College realize its strategic goal of, “becoming a significant intellectual crossroads, by leveraging Boston College’s international resources and partnerships and its Jesuit and Catholic networks.” Below is a sampling of the services we provide. We invite faculty to reach out to the OGE to explore the opportunities noted here or to discuss any other internationally-oriented projects or ideas.

BC Faculty Teach Abroad

With the goal of internationalizing Boston College, the Office of Global Education promotes opportunities for faculty to teach abroad in the summer, as well as in a limited capacity during the academic year. Faculty who lead a BC summer program abroad and are interested in extending their time in-country to conduct research have the opportunity to apply for MCAS research funds.

Summer abroad opportunities for BC faculty


The Office of Global Education operates approximately 20 faculty-led summer programs annually. Faculty leaders hail from all schools and departments at the university. All program proposals are reviewed and approved by the Office of Global Education and should include detailed information regarding course content and learning outcomes, on-site logistics and support, and cultural excursions in the host country.

Submitting a summer abroad program proposal

Faculty interested in submitting a program proposal are encouraged to consult with Shannon Williams, OGE Summer & Internships Program Manager, as well as their academic department. The questions below provide further guidance to faculty regarding questions to consider before submitting a program proposal.

  • How does this program expand BC’s existing educational opportunities? What makes it unique?
  • What is the connection between the academic content/learning outcomes and the proposed program location? How does the location enhance the program? How does the program promote intercultural learning?
  • Does the program align with departmental goals and priorities? Will your department lend full support to the program?
  • What is the potential applicant pool and is it sufficiently large to sustain the program for several years? How do you plan on recruiting applicants?


Submitting a summer research grant proposal

In partnership with the Office of Global Education, the College of Arts and Sciences has awarded research funds over the past several years to A&S faculty who lead a summer program abroad and are interested in extending their time in-country to conduct research. Activities typically range from a few days to conduct research at a specific library or host university to a longer stay to perform more in-depth studies. 

Interested faculty are invited to submit an informal grant proposal outlining the intended research, how the project integrates into your larger research agenda, which places you plan to visit, and a detailed funding request that demonstrates on-site expenses. For more information, please contact the Summer & Internships Program Manager.

Teach abroad in the summer

Guidelines and call for proposals

Research abroad

A research grant opportunity from the College of Arts and Sciences will provide funds to MCAS faculty who teach a summer course abroad and are interested in extending their time in-country to conduct research.

Faculty Resources: How to market your OGE summer program to students


While summer programs remain quite popular among BC students, high program costs and an increasing emphasis on summer internship experience necessitate diligent program promotion from faculty leaders, who are primarily responsible for recruiting student applicants. A few means of marketing faculty-led programs are highlighted below.

Opportunities abroad during the academic year

With any of Boston College’s 60+ partnerships around the world, there is a possibility for faculty to teach, visit, and collaborate with faculty around research and scholarly discussions. Arrangements are made on an individual basis and depend on a match with both Boston College and the partner institution. 

Teach in Italy

Spend a semester at Venice International University teaching BC and other students.

Teach in Croatia

Spend 3-4 weeks in Croatia teaching an intensive course designed for BC students.

Global Resources for Faculty

The Office of Global Engagement hopes to assist you in building bridges to the people and institutions you seek by accompanying you along the numerous pathways to BC’s partners worldwide. Please visit the Global Engagement Gateway.