Add a 19 credit minor in the African and African Diaspora Studies program and explore six different courses, including  a Senior Seminar and 2 Black Atlantic courses. Supplement your studies and expand your global perspective with the AADS program. 

Minor Requirements

An AADS minor will consist of a minimum of 19 credits (6 full-semester courses)

  • AADS1110 Intro to African Diaspora Studies (3 credits)
  • AADS6600 Senior Seminar (4 credits)
  • 4 electives (12 credits)**

AADS 1110 Introduction to African Diaspora Studies familiarizes students with the major issues and methodologies involved in studying the African diaspora. AADS 6600 Senior Seminar is an intensive reading and writing course designed to assist students in synthesizing their minor experience.

 **2 electives must be Black Atlantic Courses

A Black Atlantic course has a global perspective that puts different geographical regions of the world in conversation with one another within the African Diaspora