Dissertation Fellow

2022-2023 AADS Dissertation Fellow

Peter Kent-Stoll

Peter Kent-Stoll, an ABD in Sociology at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. His dissertation “Imperial Metropolis: Settler Colonialism and Antiblackness in Chicago, 1948-1972,” is a study of the impacts of urban renewal and urban relocation policies on Black and indigenous communities in post-World War II Chicago. His dissertation will make important contributions to African American Studies, Native American Studies, comparative ethnic studies, and historical sociology.

AADS5527 Racism, Colonialism, and Urban Space

Drawing on approaches from Black studies, Indigenous studies, sociology, geography, and history, this course examines the historical and contemporary entanglements of racism, colonialism, and urban space. We will focus on understanding how intersecting racisms and colonialisms impinge upon the geographies and lives of African diasporic populations. We will examine both the institutions, cultures, politics, and economies integral to the racialization and colonization of urban space and the social movements and geographies that resist them. Some of the core themes and topics include residential segregation, racial capitalism, Black geographies and space-making, Blackness and Indigeneity, settler colonialism, neocolonialism, and gentrification.