Dianoia is the Undergraduate Philosophy Journal of Boston College edited by undergraduates at Boston College. First published in 2012 at Boston College, Dianoia publishes philosophical articles, reviews, and interviews. The journal is published annually in print and electronic formats by the Boston College Libraries and is funded by the Boston College Institute for the Liberal Arts.

About Us


Our Mission Statement 

Dianoia fosters opportunities for undergraduate students in philosophy and other humanities-related disciplines to participate with academic scholarship and institutions. The journal is committed to facilitating undergraduate engagement in philosophical theory and publishing.

What does ‘dianoia’ mean?
The ancient Greek word 'διάνοια' translates as ‘thought’ but connotes a discursive direction or search for a higher form of knowledge. We thus hope to direct philosophical discourse toward an intellectually rigorous level of thinking.

What sort of papers is Dianoia looking to publish?
We're looking for thoughtful, original and creative papers on any philosophical idea or topic. There is no length requirement, all citations must be in Chicago format and multiple submissions are allowed; however, please notify us if your work is selected for publication elsewhere.

Dianoia Staff


Nicholas Arozarena

Senior Managing Editor

Maxwell Vogliano

Managing Editors

Melissa Mao
Brock Daylor

Graduate Advisor

Peter Klapes

Faculty Advisor

Stephen Hudson
Fr. Prof. Ron Tacelli, S.J.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to submit your work for review, please contact the journal at dianoia@bc.edu.