Philosophy Department Faculty

Micah Lott

Associate Professor




Micah joined the faculty of Boston College in 2012. He writes and teaches about ethics, meta-ethics, and political philosophy.

Recent Publications

"The Knowledge of Human Dignity" in The Oxford Handbook of Elizabeth Anscombe ed. Roger Teichman (forthcoming)

"Practical Intelligibility and Moral Skepticism: Should Realists Worry about Grass-Counters and Hand-Claspers?" Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (2021)

"Eudaimonism, Egoism, and Responsibility for Oneself" Journal of Philosophical Research (2020)

"Moral Duties and Divine Commands: Is Kantian Religion Coherent?" Faith and Philosophy (2020)"Why Be a Good Human Being? Natural Goodness, Reason, and the Authority of Human Nature" Philosophia 42.3 (2014) 761-777.

"Does Human Nature Conflict with Itself? Human Form and the Harmony of the Virtues" American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 87, No.4 (2013) 657-683.

"Have Elephant Seals Refuted Aristotle? Nature, Function, and Moral Goodness", Journal of Moral Philosophy, Volume 9, Number 3, (2012), pp. 353-375(23).

“Moral Virtue as Knowledge of Human Form”, Social Theory and Practice, Vol. 38, no. 3 (2012) pp. 407-431.