Economics Faculty Directory

Christopher F. Baum

Professor of Economics and Social Work; Chair of the Economics Department



Selected Publications

Environmental Econometrics Using Stata, with Stan Hurn, 2021. College Station, TX: Stata Press.

“Innovation by start-up firms: The role of the board of directors for knowledge spillovers,” with Hans Lööf, Andreas Stephan and Ingrid Viklund-Ros, 2022. Research Policy, 51:1, 104375.

"Unit root tests for explosive behavior," with Jesús Otero, 2021. Stata Journal, 21:4, 999–1020.

“Recreational Marijuana Legislation and Adolescent Use of Marijuana, Tobacco, and Alcohol,” with Rebekah Levine Coley, Claudia Kruzik, Marco Ghiani, Naoka Carey and Summer Sherburne Hawkins, 2021. Journal of Adolescent Health, 69:1, 41-49. 

“The Impact of Uncertainty on Financial Institutions: A Cross-Country Study”, with Mustafa Caglayan and Bing Xu, 2021. International Journal of Finance and Economics, 26:3719-3739.

“What good is a volatility model? A re-examination after 20 years,” with Stan Hurn, 2021. Stata Journal, 21:2, 295-319.