German Studies

German Studies is a small student-focused program, providing courses in German language, culture, business, and history from the Middle Ages to the present. All students are encouraged to study abroad in a German-speaking country, with most choosing to do so in a semester of their Junior year or during a summer session.

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

Care for Every Student

German Studies is known for its "students first" attitude as the faculty members provide personal attention to students needs and foster a positive learning experience within the classroom. We offer a major, a minor, an interdisciplinary minor, and an honors program in addition to other activities for learning about German culture. These include the Stammtisch, a weekly meeting where students can speak German with others, and the German Club, a student-run organization that provides activities for students throughout the year.

Why Study German?


Small class sizes build personal relationships with professors, which equates to personalized learning.

Fulbright Scholars

We have sent more students to Germany and Austria as prestigious Fulbright scholars than any other university or program—now more than 150! The elite Fulbright program counts among its alumni 59 Nobel Prize winners and 37 heads of state.


German students are eligible for internships with companies in Germany every summer. Students are paid through their job and/or through Boston College internship grants and other fellowships.

Study Abroad

Study for a semester in Tübingen, Eichstätt, Berlin, Vienna, or Frankfurt, or choose your location during the summer months. Courses taken abroad count toward the German major and accelerate completion of the major or minor.

Academic Program

Professional Opportunities

Honors & Fulbright Opportunities


Academic Tools

Heinz Bluhm Memorial Library

An important academic asset of the Department of Eastern, Slavic, and German Studies is the Heinz Bluhm Memorial Library (Lyons 201E), containing approximately 4,000 volumes from the collection of the late Heinz Bluhm (1907-1993). Professor Bluhm was the founder (in 1968) and long-time chair (1968-1976) of the Department of Germanic Studies.

The Library consists chiefly of the Germanic volumes from Professor Bluhm's own extensive personal research library which he amassed over the period of more than six decades. Upon his death in November of 1993 Professor Bluhm bequeathed his collection to Boston College. The particular strengths of the Library are (1) Martin Luther, (2) the Age of Goethe and (3) Nietzsche, although the full spectrum of German life and letters—from the Middle Ages well into the Twentieth Century—is richly represented as well.

The Bluhm library opened in the summer of 1996, and is located in Lyons Hall 201E on the Boston College middle campus. It is open during the academic year on weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Martin Luther Index Verborum

The Index Verborum is a reference guide that accesses over 323 German writings of Martin Luther, from the critical historical period of 1516 through 1525. This searchable database will facilitate scholars' ability to rapidly ascertain locations of specific words in original text sources, allowing ready access to Luther's linguistic or contextual usage, and hence, enabling analysis of his original meaning or intent.