Language Requirement

Prior to graduation, all MCAS students must demonstrate proficiency at the intermediate level in a modern foreign language or in a classical language. The Department of Eastern, Slavic, and German Studies offers a number of options for fulfilling this requirement: Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Russian.

Plan ahead

Non-fulfillment of the MCAS language proficiency requirement is a leading reason seniors do not graduate on time. 

Heritage Students

Heritage students “fluent” in their parents’ languages need to demonstrate ability to function at an academic Intermediate level in those languages, not merely a colloquial or familial one. Students need to test successfully in all language skills (Reading, Speaking, Writing, Listening Comprehension, and Grammar.) If the placement test indicates students do not demonstrate proficiency at the Intermediate Level, they may be required to take the appropriate language course(s) for a letter grade, in order to fulfill the university language requirement.

Proficiency Requirements and Placement Exams