Theological Ethics

Theological ethics examines the interaction of religious wisdom with the most pressing contemporary moral issues, both personal and social, and addresses the important challenges related to development of faith and the life of faith in community.

Ph.D. in Theological Ethics: Catholic Health Care track

Within its Ph.D. program in Theological Ethics the Boston College Theology Department offers the possibility of a track focused on Catholic Health Care. The purpose of the track is to integrate the comprehensive theological training that characterizes the Ph.D. program in Theological Ethics with two focused internships that will empower students by providing them with expertise regarding health care practices in Catholic health care facilities (both a long-term care facility and an acute care hospital).

The Catholic Health Care track neither duplicates nor is in alternative to current programs in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). CPE programs are offered by healthcare facilities to master candidates interested in providing ministry in health care settings.

The Catholic Health Care track of the Ph.D. program in Theological Ethics is offered in consultation with the Catholic Health Association.

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