Major in Philosophy

The Philosophy major at Boston College is designed to ground students in the core classical issues of philosophy and to give them the ability to engage with significant areas of contemporary concern in a way that moves forward our communal conversation and the path toward answers and solutions. The Philosophy major focuses and sharpens students’ abilities to critically evaluate arguments and issues, to understand the assumptions and backgrounds of contemporary views, practices, and controversies, with a view to enable them to use their insights and skills to contribute to dialogue, understanding, and positive action in their professions and communities, large and small.

Philosophy currently supports over 200 majors, almost half of which are 2nd or 3rd majors. Philosophy blends easily with other majors because it offers a great deal of flexibility and speaks to so many issues that are foundational to other disciplines and many career paths.

The Philosophy major serves students with different interests and career paths through different concentrations or tracks which have been designed to both give focus and direction to the Philosophy major while preserving the flexibility of the major.

Fall 2021 Undergraduate Philosophy Electives by Type

New Requirements for Philosophy Major beginning AY2018/2019:

All Philosophy Majors must take a total of 30 credits in Philosophy, as follows:

  1. Two Core courses in Philosophy (6 credits)
  2. Eight Philosophy electives (24 credits)
    • One course in History of Philosophy
    • One course in Knowledge & Reality
    • One course in Ethics & Value
    • Five free electives