Advanced Research Seminar in Philosophy and Theology

Purpose and Procedure

Founded in early fall, 2013, by Professors Jeffrey Bloechl (Boston College, philosophy) and Andrew Prevot (Boston College, theology), the Advanced Research Seminar in Philosophy and Theology encourages discussion among graduate students and faculty working in these two fields, or with a strong interest in them. In so doing, it builds on and attempts to enrich multiple competences and a strong interdisciplinary spirit already to be found at Boston College. The seminar generally meets four times each semester, once per month, over a casual lunch. Each meeting begins with a 30-45 minutes presentation of ongoing research, followed by discussion for about 45 minutes. Most presentations are given by Boston College faculty and graduate students, but an effort is made to also invite people from other universities. By the end of the fifth year of the seminar’s existence, we had met nearly fifty times and welcomed scholars from several US institutions beyond Boston College and several outside the United States.

Students enrolled in the Joint MA program in philosophy and theology are required to attend. All meetings are open to students, staff, researchers, and faculty of the entire university.

Speakers and Presentations to Date