Interdisciplinary Minor in East European Studies

Night scene of building and bridge

The East European Studies interdisciplinary minor requires a minimum of 18 credits in approved course work (normally, 6 one-semester courses), distributed as follows:

  • 3 credits in either Russian Civilization or Slavic Civilizations
  • 3 additional credits in Russian or East European history, culture or politics
  • 6 credits in Russian or in another Slavic or East European language at or above the intermediate level
  • 6 credits in approved elective course work from related areas such as: art history, economics, sociology, film studies, literature, linguistics or language, philosophy, or theology, at least one of which should be in Russian literature and/or culture taken at Boston College.
  • No more than 6 credits (or 2 courses) may be taken at another institution or a study-abroad program.

To discuss the requirements and sign up for the minor in East European Studies, contact Professor Maxim D. Shrayer, Director, East European Studies minor,