Minor in Arabic

City Scape

Six one-semester courses (18 credits).

The departmental minor in Arabic Studies covers areas of Modern Standard Arabic and Modern Hebrew, Modern Middle Eastern literature and cultural history, and Near Eastern Civilizations. It requires a minimum of six approved one-semester courses (18 credits):

  • Two courses (6 credits) in Modern Standard Arabic above the Intermediate I level
  • Four courses (12 credits) from the departmental offerings in Middle Eastern languages, cultures, literatures, and civilizations

Spring 2022

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Course NumberCourse TitleInstructor
NELC112201Elementary Arabic IIGhobrial, Atef N
NELC112301Elementary Arabic PracticumEaston, Ikram E
NELC112302Elementary Arabic PracticumRecha Kuttab, Samira
NELC113201Arabic for Scholars IIMouhib, Abdelkrim
NELC121201Introduction to Modern Hebrew IIFarah, Rima
NELC181201Introduction to Modern Greek IITriantafyllou, Andreas
NELC206201States and Minorities in the Middle EastSalameh, Franck
NELC206601Edifying Books on the Arab-Israeli ConflictSalameh, Franck
NELC212201Intermediate Arabic IIMouhib, Abdelkrim
NELC212301Intermediate Arabic PracticumBajbouj, Mayss
NELC212302Intermediate Arabic PracticumEaston, Ikram E
NELC233101Advanced Readings in Persian TextsTabatabai, Sassan
NELC316201Business ArabicGhobrial, Atef N
NELC412201Advanced Arabic IIRecha Kuttab, Samira
NELC413001Advanced Arabic Reading SeminarGhobrial, Atef N, Salameh, Franck
NELC419001Advanced Tutorial: ArabicSalameh, Franck