Lyons Hall

The Department of Eastern, Slavic, and German Studies is located in Lyons Hall.

The Department administers undergraduate majors in German, Linguistics, Russian, and Slavic Studies, as well as minors in Arabic Studies, Chinese, German, Linguistics, Russian, and East European and Eurasian Studies. Students may also participate in an interdisciplinary minor in interdisciplinary programs in Asian Studies, German Studies, Jewish Studies, International Studies, and Islamic Civilization and Societies. A German business concentration within the German major and minors is also available. Departmental honors require successful completion of honors requirements.

For more information, contact the Department.

The Department maintains listings of related courses from other departments that satisfy various program requirements. Substitutions and exemptions from specific program requirements, as well as the application of courses from other institutions, require express permission from the Chairperson or the Undergraduate Program Director.

Students fulfilling the undergraduate Core requirements in Literature and Cultural Diversity should consider Core offerings taught by members of the Department.