Eastern, Slavic, and German Studies Faculty

Atef Ghobrial

Associate Professor of the Practice, Arabic


 The Holy Bible and Science: The Flood & Jonah and the Whale. Bishop Paula (Science and Faith, Book Two/ Forthcoming, 2013)

Science and the Inevitability of God’s Existence. By Bishop Paula (Science and Faith, Book Three /Forthcoming, 2013)

The Holy Pascha, Translation and editing (Forthcoming, 2013)

“Have You Seen the One I Love?” Translation of His Holiness Pope Shenouda’s lectures and contemplations on Song of Songs (Amazon. Com), 2008

“Using the Matrix as a Cognitive Tool for ESL learners.” Paper presented to the Massachusetts Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Spring Conference, 1989.

“Discourse in Northanger Abbey.” Paper presented at Boston University’s 17th Annual Conference on Discourse, Narrative and Literacy, 1987.

“Lawrence’s Women in Love: A Promise That is shattered.” Boston University’s Seventeenth Annual Conference, 1987.