Many students, alumni, and others are familiar with the Carroll School’s mission statement, if for no other reason than that it adorns a wall in the main entrance of Fulton Hall as well as in the rear. “That statement served its purpose for some three decades,” said John and Linda Powers Family Dean Andy Boynton. “But it became outdated—which led us to work with our faculty and the University on an overhaul.”After a two-year process of consultation and drafting, the Carroll School is now rolling out the new mission statement. It speaks directly to the School’s ascendance as a leading institution of management learning, as well as to the Jesuit liberal arts identity that helps animate our mission. The statement appears on the Carroll School website and has replaced the old one displayed in Fulton. Here it is, in full:

The Carroll School of Management at Boston College ranks among the world’s leading business schools. It offers a rigorous, transformative academic experience that integrates the study of management with the liberal arts, while developing the skills of critical thinking and fostering ethical leadership. Part of a vibrant, Jesuit Catholic university, the Carroll School draws inspiration and direction from our centuries-old religious and intellectual heritage. We maintain an enduring conviction that successful management education in the 21st century must combine excellence in teaching and research with reflection and action. The Carroll School educates the whole person in an atmosphere that is inclusive, ethical, caring, collaborative, and respectful of all, consistent with Boston College’s institutional mission and motto of “Ever to Excel.” 


– Carroll School News