Several of the Carroll School’s research centers, along with individual faculty, have contributed their expertise to recent discussions of coronavirus and its impact on various sectors. Here’s a sampling of their commentary on topics related to COVID-19, ranging from retirement planning and working remotely with kids to corporate social responsibility. Given the ongoing nature of these conversations, this list will be updated frequently. Check here in the coming weeks for added perspective from the Carroll School about the developing health crisis. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

“Love in the Time of COVID”: Environmental and Social Policies Pay Off, Study Says
Companies with social and environmental policies in place before the recent stock market tumult “did extraordinarily better” than those without, according to a newly published study co-authored by Carroll School Professor of Finance and Haub Family Faculty Fellow Rui Albuquerque. What’s more, companies that paired high environmental and social commitments with strong advertising fared even better—a sign that spending on social responsibility pays off, especially if people know about it.

Collection of Companies Doing Good in Hard Times
As COVID-19 continues to disrupt economies around the world, corporate members of Boston College’s Center for Corporate Citizenship are doing their part to help others through the crisis. 

Companies Use Charitable Funds to Help Struggling Employees 
The Center for Corporate Citizenship’s executive director, Katherine V. Smith, explains how employee relief funds (ERFs) enable companies to assist workers in need

Retirement Research

Respected Retirement Expert Says New Stimulus Benefit is a Bad Idea
Peter F. Drucker Professor of Management Sciences Alicia Munnell, who also directs the Carroll School’s Center for Retirement Research (CRR), warns against leveraging the emergency cash withdrawal option in the government’s new stimulus bill.

Forbes Reimagines Boomer Retirements, Based in Part on BC Center Research
A recent Forbes piece cites the Center for Retirement Research when outlining eight ways coronavirus is likely to affect Boomers’ retirements—including, but not limited to, the stock market losses. 

Why You Should Save Some of That Stimulus Check
One millennial reporter at CNBC decided how to spend her stimulus check with input from financial experts, including the Center for Retirement Research's director, Alicia Munnell.

Carroll School Center Offers COVID-Related Retirement Insights
The Center for Retirement Research is actively tracking how COVID-19 will impact Americans’ retirement security and has gathered its resources in one place.

Work, Family, and Education

Tips to Manage Yourself (and Others) While Working Remotely
As professionals of all stripes transition to remote work—some for the first time—Brad Harrington, who directs the Carroll School’s Center for Work & Family, offers timely tip sheets for both managers and employees navigating the new normal of working from home.

Working From Home While Schools are Closed
The Center for Work & Family’s Jennifer Fraone was featured in this Q&A article for parents trying to work from home with kids around. 

Not Essential, but not Remote: When Parents Can't Work From Home
For working parents in Massachusetts, the news of extended school closures means a long summer ahead of juggling remote work and childcare. But it's even more daunting for the ones whose jobs can't be done from home, notes Jennifer Fraone in this Boston Globe lead story.

School Principals Will Need Unprecedented Support to Reopen, Says BC Leadership Expert
Reopening schools in the wake of COVID-19, whenever that happens, will require community leaders to collectively rally support for school principals, according to an Education Dive article co-authored by Jenne Colasacco, executive director of the Lynch Leadership Academy. 


Finance Professor Details how Casinos are Responding to the Crisis
Richard McGowan S.J., Boston College finance professor and nationally recognized expert on legalized gambling, discusses how some casinos are stepping up during the present crisis—for example, by donating medical supplies for coronavirus care. But he adds that many others are too strapped for cash to do the same.

Updated April 28, 2020.