Resources for Deportees

Protecting Assets and Child Custody in the Face of Deportation (by Appleseed Network) (available in English and Spanish): Checklists and information on: key financial items; powers of attorney; unpaid wages; taking money out of the U.S.; managing bank accounts; selling a car; managing a home, rental property, or business; credit card debt; social security and veterans benefits; taxes; assets and benefits of minors; and child custody when facing detention or deportation.

Deportee Reintegration Resources by Country:

Organizations have been established in many countries to assist with the reintegration of deportees.  Below are some of these organizations that the Post-Deportation Human Rights Project has become aware of through our work.  These organizations are not associated with PDHRP, but you may contact them directly to learn more about their services:

The Rights in Exile Programme also provides links to country-specific resources for deportees:


Returnee Integration Support Center: Documentation, employment, and housing referrals.

Dominican Republic:

Bienvenido Seas: Documentation, employment, medical care, education, food, clothing and travel assistance.


Returnee Support Group/Church of Christ the King: Counseling, social services in coordination with the professional social aid organization The Frankfurt Verein


Alternative Chance: Counseling, orientation, crisis intervention, job readiness and training, health education, wrongful deportation screening, internet/email classes for criminal deportees.

Groupe d’Appui aux Rapatriés et Réfugiés/Support Group for Returnees and Refugees (GARR): Umbrella group bringing together organizations working with refugees and returnees (with a focus on individuals returned from the Dominican Republic).


National Organisation of Deported Migrants

Family Unification and Resettlement Initiative: Documentation, housing, employment, drug/alcohol rehab, healthcare, and counseling referrals.

Hibiscus Jamaica: Dedicated to facilitating the reintegration and resettlement of persons returned to Jamaica from the United Kingdom


Digno Regreso: Research around problems faced by deported individuals; assistance with funds, food, and health services to assist deported individuals to return to their communities; legal assistance with regard to employment and education.