The Certificate Program is open to graduate students enrolled in affiliated academic departments in all of the university’s graduate schools, including Masters, J.D., L.L.M., Ed.D. and Ph.D students. The Certificate certifies that the student has: 1) followed a curriculum within his or her graduate studies that emphasized human rights and international justice issues; 2) widened his or her interdisciplinary understanding of these issues by completing one or more courses designated by the Center in other academic departments; 3) completed the Center’s own Seminar in Human Rights with a research project component.

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The Center's graduate seminar focuses on contemporary challenges to human rights and international justice, using an interdisciplinary approach and engaging theory with the experience of those whose rights have been violated and of practitioners in the human rights field. The seminar includes participation by speakers and scholars sponsored by the Center for Human Rights and International Justice on an occasional basis. The seminar is directed by one of the core faculty members of the Center. Other Center faculty contribute as well. Students come from graduate and professional programs across the university and work in interdisciplinary teams.

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Each year, the Center offers summer research grants to a select number of Boston College graduate and undergraduate students wishing to pursue human rights-related research, often in the field.

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