Education Access with Undocumented or DACAmented Status


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Additional info on DACAmented & Undocumented Students in Higher Education

Key Terms

Undocumented Immigrant: An immigrant who does not have proper authorization or documentation

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA): Policy through which the federal government may exercise favorable prosecutorial discretion (granting recipients a revocable, two-year period of protection from deportation) - recipients may apply for a work permit and a Social Security number


DACAmented/Undocumented Students in Mass. Public Colleges


Tuition Policies

Financial Aid Policies


  • No legislation allowing in-state tuition
  • College-level policies can allow for in-state tuition at private institutions
  • No federal or state aid
  • Private aid available


  • In-state tuition at public schools
  • No federal aid
  • State merit scholarship and private aid available


DACAmented/Undocumented Students at 4-Year Private Schools (in contrast to 2- & 4-year public college counterparts)

  • Just as likely to rely on grants/scholarships
  • Less likely to pay tuition costs out of pocket
  • Less likely to identify a safe space on campus
  • More likely to seek undocu-friendly campuses with culturally-sensitive personnel
  • More likely to receive general peer-support, but less likely to receive peer-support around status
  • More likely to work and reside on campus
  • Less likely to experience overall levels of financial concern