Undocuweek 2024

April 8-12, Boston College

General Undocuweek Flyer - 1

The Center for Human Rights and International Justice will be hosting Undocuweek from April 8th through 12th to cultivate awareness, acceptance, and celebration of undocumented people in the United States and at Boston College. The week will focus on uplifting the voices of those who have navigated undocumentedness, providing educational resources, and engaging community members. The speakers and panels will cover a variety of themes including an introduction to immigration issues in the U.S., and immigration advocacy in various fields, among others. The events are designed for students and faculty with varying levels of knowledge on the issues, including those seeking to learn about migration for the first time, those hoping to incorporate it into their careers, and to those with deep first hand experiences. Undocuweek hopes to provide space for connection and inspire a continuing culture of open mindedness on campus. 





Immigration 101 Workshop

Monday, April 8
Walsh Function Room

With Mary Holper, Associate Clinical Professor, Director of the Immigration Clinic, and Associate Dean for Experiential Learning, BC Law School,  

Andrés Castro-Samayoa, Program Director, Higher Education, Ph.D., and  Associate Professor, BC Lynch School of Education & Human Development, and

Michelle Desveaux and Bruce Alexander from the Immigrant Support Alliance, a local coalition of volunteers partnering with resettlement agencies to provide clients with food, housing, financial and social support as they become independent in their new home.

On Monday, April 8th at 6:00 pm in the Walsh Function room the Center will host an event to introduce the U.S immigration system, what it means to be undocumented, and a look at historical and present realities facing immigrants in Boston. BC Law Professor Mary Holper will be will present on the pathways to entry provided by the U.S. immigration system and the factors that contribute to immigrants becoming undocumented. Her talk will be followed by two breakout sessions which will dive deeper into the historical and contemporary contexts of immigration. One session will be led by Professor Castro Samayoa who will explain the history of immigration policy in the United States. The other will be led by a representative from the Immigrant Support Alliance, who will share about their resettlement work in Boston and give insights into immigration on a local level. Throughout the event, there will be opportunities to ask questions or submit questions anonymously. Food to be provided.

Co-sponsored by the BC Central American Students Organization and the Bellarmine Society of Boston College.

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Students Facing Mixed Status-ness: Panel Discussion

Tuesday, April 9
Newton Room, Corcoran Commons

With Melanie Paredes, MCAS '25, and 

Alejandro Olayo-Méndez, SJ, Assistant Professor, BC School of Social Work

Moderated by Jonathan Mora, LSEHD '24

On Tuesday, April 9th at 2:00 pm in the Newton Room the Center will host a moderated conversation on the experiences of students from mixed status families and communities who attended the 2024 Ignatian Solidarity Network's Undocu-Network Summit. Prof. Alejandro Olayo-Méndez will provide an overview of some of the struggles and dangers mixed status and transnational families in the United States face and some of the various barriers to accessing temporary status or citizenship. Afterwards, Melanie Paredes, MCAS ‘25, will share her experiences from the Summit which gathered students from Jesuit universities across the country who are undocumented or from mixed status families and communities. The Summit provides an opportunity to build communities, share experiences, and organize training. She will also discuss her own experiences in a mixed status community and how lack of immigration status affects individuals in their day to day lives. 

Co-sponsored by the BC Central American Students Organization and the Alpha Sigma Nu Society.

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Immigration Advocacy Across Careers: Panel Discussion

Wednesday, April 10
Fulton 235

On Wednesday, April 10th at 6:30 pm in Fulton 235 the Center will host a panel on migration advocacy in a range of fields. Speakers will share their professional backgrounds in healthcare, business, education, and nonprofits and how they engage in migration in their area of expertise. The panelists include Emily Hoffman from the Massachusetts Migrant Education Program, Emilia Bianco and Luz Lopez from the Boston University School of Social Work, Jeannette Huezo from United for a Fair Economy, and Connell School of Nursing Professor Shelley White. This panel seeks to engage those who are passionate about immigration reform but are looking to pursue a career outside of an explicit immigration focused position. Attendees will gain a broader understanding of the opportunities to advocate for migrants and the intersections of immigration in various fields. There will be a moderated Q&A afterwards and snacks provided. 

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art exhibit poster


All week in the O'Neill Library 1st floor gallery, check out the art exhibit featuring mantas created by asylum seekers from Mexico, Central America and South America provided and supported by Artisans Beyond Borders.



There will also be tabling on the Quad and Stokes Lawn by the CHRIJ and supporting student organizations from 2-4PM Monday afternoon.  We hope to see you during the week!