Center Staff

Catherine Brewer

Undergraduate Research Assistant, AY23-24

Catherine is a senior majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Ethics and Social Justice and double minors in History and German. She is interested in pursuing human rights law post undergrad, and has a particular career focus in human rights policy, refugee issues, nonprofit development, and disability rights. She is fascinated by the imperial legacies that we continue to be affected by in society today and how the law and its binaries have evolved internationally. 

Catherine’s interest in international social justice originates from early on in her academic career and has led her to pursue involvement in a variety of NGO, service, leadership, and research opportunities. She has worked as an intern for organizations like the Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center, the Welcome Inclusion Initiative, Best Buddies International, and the Special Olympics. She has engaged in research both on BC’s campus and internationally (through grants such as those offered by the Center for Human Rights and International Justice), investigating issues such as refugee movements, genocide commemoration, and colonial legacies. In addition to the Center, she is involved on campus with organizations like the Emerging Leader Program, Student Admissions Program, Best Buddies, German Club, and student retreat leadership. 

Saya Khandhar

Undergraduate Research Assistant, AY23-24

Saya is a senior majoring in International Studies with a minor in Philosophy. She concentrates in Ethics and Social Justice and has strong academic interests in human rights, environmental justice, and international law. Her passion for global perspectives comes from having grown up travelling. Her experiences learning and volunteering in many different countries have shaped her desire to study and work in the international sphere. She is excited to further her understanding of international justice and human rights issues through her work as a research assistant for the Center and hopes it will help her launch a career in international human rights law. 

Throughout her college years, Saya has actively participated in the development of a startup media company that aims to combat fake news and misinformation. This has led her to develop an interest in thinking about social justice from a lens of democratic practice and transparency. Most recently, she studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she interned for a Latin American nonprofit organization and learned about government policy and community initiatives for socio-urban integration and sustainable development. 

Ashley Shackelton

Undergraduate Research Assistant, AY23-24

Ashley is a senior majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Ethics and Social Justice and a minor in Journalism. Her academic interests include human rights, criminal justice, and migration especially regarding undocumented immigrants or those seeking asylum. Through working at the Center, she hopes to continue learning about the many stories of migration and raise greater awareness about human rights violations worldwide and spark change.  

Ashley’s interest in immigration began during a high school Spanish class where she learned about La Bestia, a freight train migrants use to travel through Mexico and reach the northern border. Sparked by a concern for investigating the human rights violations migrations experience throughout their journeys, when enrolled at Boston College she took advantage of the many academic and service opportunities available to students. Through participating in the Arrupe International Service Program, she has furthered her work with migrants’ rights and social justice. Moreover, through internships with PAIR, a legal non-profit that aids migrants seeking asylum, and Watch CDC, an affordable housing organization tailored towards those without documentation, she has begun to put her learning into action. Furthermore, she is an Associate Editor for the Opinions section of The Gavel with an aim towards uplifting unheard stories on Boston College’s campus and the surrounding Boston community.