Center Staff

Emilia Acevedo

Undergraduate Research Assistant, AY24-25

Emilia (Emmy) is a senior from Durango, Mexico, majoring in Sociology with a minor in International Studies, focusing on Ethics and Social Justice. Her academic pursuits and personal passion converge on issues of migration justice, emphasizing human rights policy, activism, and community support for immigrants and asylum seekers.

During an immersive trip with the Borderlands & Health Justice class to the US-Mexico border in Arizona, Emmy gained firsthand insights into immigration policies, systemic injustices, and the challenges faced by immigrants. This experience included meaningful interactions with leaders of non-profit organizations and shelter providers dedicated to defending immigrant rights. Emmy was also involved in a project at Boston College, collaborating with Artisans Beyond Borders to showcase mantas embroidered by immigrants. This exhibition aimed to challenge dehumanizing narratives by highlighting the personal stories and artistic contributions of the migrants, fostering a more empathetic understanding of their experiences.

Currently, Emmy is developing her senior thesis for the Sociology Honors Program, investigating how activists and community leaders overcome systemic barriers to advocate for migration justice. Her research focuses on understanding the impact of these leaders' work on broader systemic frameworks, with the ultimate goal of applying this knowledge to her future endeavors as an activist and community leader.

Sofia Burke

Undergraduate Research Assistant, AY24-25

Sofia is a senior at Boston College majoring in Sociology with a minor in Management for Social Impact and the Public Good. She is interested in pursuing a career in human rights or immigration law, a goal informed by the many service experiences she has been fortunate enough to engage with throughout her young adulthood both within the US and abroad.

Sofia’s experience serving rural communities in Guatemala through the nonprofit organization ImaginandoGuatemala ignited her passion for the defense of human rights in the face of poverty and statelessness. This passion has led her to seek out further service opportunities through the Pulse Service Learning Program, Appalachian Volunteers, and throughout her semester abroad studying in Quito, Ecuador. To complement these experiences, Sofia’s academic coursework has afforded her an interdisciplinary view of justice informed by philosophical and theological frameworks in conversation with sociological theory. In contributing to the Center’s work, Sofia hopes to bear witness to the stories of migrants and bring an awareness of international human rights issues to the BC community.

Sarai Mejía

Undergraduate Research Assistant, AY24-25

Sarai is a senior double majoring in Applied Psychology and Sociology with a minor in Communications. Her interdisciplinary studies align with her interest in policy, advocacy, andcommunity change. She has experience and interest in issues surrounding educational reform, housing, criminal justice reform, and immigration. She is interested in pursuing a career in the legal field serving marginalized communities and tackling systemic injustices. During her time at BC, she had the opportunity to attend the Dominican Republic Service-Learning & Immersion Program, assisting children, schools, and community organizations in the Santo Domingo area and the border town of Dajabón. In this experience, shehad the opportunity to observe the range of educational options available for Dominican youth based on their socioeconomic status. She also heard from community leaders involved in advocacy for human rights. This opportunity provided an international perspective on theimportance of educational reform. Additionally, Sarai was a part of the committee for UndocuWeek 2024, a series of events that cultivate awareness, acceptance, and celebration of undocumented people in the United States and at Boston College. While working with the Center, she hopes to continue spreading awareness of injustices internationally and celebrating the resilience of marginalized communities.