Interdisciplinary Seminar in Human Rights and International Justice

Spring 2021

APSY/EDUC/THEO/UNAS/LAWS746101 (3 credits). Registration by permission only (refer to application process below).

The Spring 2021 seminar will meet Thursdays, 2:00PM-4:20PM. This year it will be conducted online via Zoom.

Instructor: Prof. Brinton Lykes, Professor of Community-Cultural Psychology,  Lynch School of Education and Human Development

The study of human rights defies disciplinary boundaries. This seminar, sponsored by the Center for Human Rights and International Justice, provides a rare space to examine human rights from an interdisciplinary perspective. It brings together faculty affiliated with the Center, students from across the university, visiting scholars, and guest speakers to examine issues of human rights and international justice. The spring 2021 seminar will begin with an overview and brief historical review of human rights as understood in the West and then explore a series of complexities for those seeking to engage in human rights scholarship, advocacy, and activism. We seek to engage critically with human rights discourse and actions as they intersect with gender, culture/ethnicity, “race,” social class, and other categorizations as well as with emergent challenges from Indigenous people of the global South beyond Northern epistemologies, understandings, and praxis.

The seminar is the core course for the Center's interdisciplinary Certificate in Human Rights and International Justice.

The Center invites applications from students enrolled in a graduate professional degree in any of Boston College's divisions. Undergraduate seniors will be considered, space permitting.

The seminar includes sessions with guest lecturers and CHRIJ co-directors and affiliated faculty. Students will be expected to attend all the seminar sessions and are encouraged to attend CHRIJ and other guest speaker presentations throughout the semester.

Satisfies ABA Writing Requirement for Law Students

Application: Applications have closed for the Spring 2021 seminar.


Apply to the seminar here, including your 1-2 page statement of interest.

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