Faculty Directory

Thomas H. Groome

Professor of Theology and Religious Education

Selected Courses

Professor Groome will be on sabbatical leave, returning to teach in Summer 2020.

Selected Publications

Catholic Spiritual Practices: Treasures Old and New, Editor with Dr. Colleen Griffith, (Paraclete: Brewster, MA) 2012

Will There Be Faith: A New Vision for Educating and Growing Disciples, (HarperCollins: San Francisco) 2011

Reclaiming Catholicism: Treasures Old and New. Editor with Michael Daley, (Orbis Books: Maryknoll) 2010

Horizons and Hopes: The Future of Religious Education, Editor with Harold Daly Horell, New York: Paulist Press, 2003

What Makes Us Catholic: Eight Gifts for Life - HarperCollins (2002)
Lays out the foundational convictions that ground Catholic identity in Christian faith.

Educating for Life - Crossroads (2000)
A comprehensive philosophy but more a spirituality that can inspire every instance of Catholic education, in home, parish program, and school.

Sharing Faith - Wipf and Stock (1990) A comprehensive approach to religious education and pastoral ministry; offers the definitive statement on a shared praxis approach.

Christian Religious Education - Jossey Bass (first published 1980)
Hailed as a classic and foundational text in religious education; introduces the shared praxis approach.