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Theresa A. O'Keefe

Associate Professor of the Practice of Youth and Young Adult Faith

Selected Courses

Fall 2021

Contextual Education for MA Hybrid

Selected Publications

O’Keefe T. "Colliding Ecosystems: Interpreting the Complex Social World of Adolescent Children of Immigrants." Christian Education Journal. 2018;15(3):465-478. doi:10.1177/0739891318805107

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Coming to Know the Other ­ Coming to Know Oneself: A study of Jewish-Catholic dialogue at the congregational level - APRRE/REA (2004) The report of a qualitative research study on an experience of Jewish-Catholic interreligious learning on the congregation level, focusing on the workings of conversation in that setting - how it worked and what it accomplished.

Concerns About Covenant: A critique of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger's Many Religions One Covenant - BC Website (2002) A review and an analysis of Cardinal Ratzinger's theology of covenant and its implications for relations with non-Christian religions, particularly Judaism.