Faculty Directory

Hosffman Ospino

Associate Professor of Hispanic Ministry and Religious Education

Chair, Department of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry

Selected Courses

Fall 2022

Ministry in a Diverse Church

Spring 2023

Spiritual Sources of Catholic Education

Recent Research Projects

  • Principal Investigator for the 2014 National Study of Catholic Parishes with Hispanic Ministry in the United States (NSCPHM). For more information about the study and its report see: National Study.
  • Co-Principal Investigator (with Dr. Patricia Weitzel-O’Neil) for the 2016 National Survey of Catholic Schools Serving Hispanic Families. For more information about the study and its report see: Catholic School and Hispanic Families National Study
  • Co-Principal Investigator (with Dr. Melodie Wyttenbach) for the 2022 report Cultivating Talent, A Summary of Findings from the National Study Examining Pathways to Increase the Presence of Hispanic Teachers and Leaders in Catholic Schools. See Cultivating Talent Report.
  • Catholic Theological Education since Vatican II research project (Forthcoming 2022). 
  • Principal Investigator for National Study of Hispanic Vocations (2020-2022). Report forthcoming.
  • Principal Investigator for study on national organizations serving Hispanic Catholic youth (2020-2022).
  • Executive Producer for documentary on U.S. born Hispanic Catholics. Young Adult Hispanic Catholics.


For a complete list of publications, including articles and book chapters see: Hosffman Ospino – Publications

Reflexiones: Hispanic Ministry. Coauthored with Timothy Matovina. Paulist Press (2021).

Together Along the Way: Conversations inspired by the Directory for Catechesis. Coedited with Theresa O’Keefe. Crossroad (2021)

La Iglesia: Pueblo de Dios llamado a la comunión. Ave Maria Press (2018).

Our Catholic Children: Ministry with Hispanic Youth and Young Adults. Our Sunday Visitor (2018).

The Gospel of Joy in America. Convivium Press (2018). Also in Spanish: La alegría del Evangelio en los Estados Unidos.

Restoring Hope Archbishop Oscar Romero’s Vision for a Just World (In His Own Words). Co-edited with Felix Palazzi. Convivium Press (2018). 

Interculturalism and Catechesis: A Catechist’s Guide to Responding to Cultural Diversity. Also available in Spanish: Interculturalismo y catequesis: Guía del catequista para responder a la diversidad cultural. Twenty-Third Publications (2017).

El Credo: Un encuentro con la fe de la Iglesia. Ave Maria Press (2017).

Catholic Schools in an Increasingly Hispanic Church: A Summary Report of Findings from the National Survey of Catholic Schools Serving Hispanic Families. Bilingual edition. Coauthored with Patricia Weitzel-O’Neill. Our Sunday Visitor Press (2017). 

Hispanic Ministry in the Twenty-First Century: Urgent Matters. Coedited with Elsie Miranda and Brett Hoover. Convivium Press (2016).

Hispanic Ministry in Catholic Parishes: A Summary Report of Findings from the National Study of Catholic Parishes with Hispanic Ministry. Bilingual edition: English and Spanish. Our Sunday Visitor Press (2015). 

Evangelización y catequesis en el ministerio hispano: Guía para la formación en la fe. Liguori Press (2013).

Peter’s Catechism: Who Do You Say that I am? Why Did You Doubt? Do You Love Me? Also in Spanish: El catecismo de Pedro: ¿Quién Dices Que Soy Yo? ¿Por Qué Dudas? ¿Me Amas? Liguori Press (2011).

Hispanic Ministry in the Twenty-First Century: Present and Future. Convivium Press (2010).

Forthcoming Books

Formative Theological Education. Edited with Colleen Griffith (Paulist Press, forthcoming).

Young Latino Catholics: Stories of Faith. Edited with Timothy Matovina (Paulist Press, forthcoming).

Feet on the Ground: Hispanic Catholic Theology in the Ministerial Trenches. Editor. (Convivium Press, forthcoming)

The Hope of Catechesis: The Ministry of the Catechist (Paulist Press, forthcoming)

A Banquet of Rebels: Catholic Theological Education in the U.S. after Vatican II. Eerdmans. (forthcoming).

Pastoral Planning with Catholic Imagination: A Theological Framework. Twenty-Third Publications (forthcoming).

Catechesis for a New Normal: Echoes from the Americas. Edited with Javier Díaz Tejo and Abimar Oliveira de Moraes. Convivium Press (forthcoming)

Hispanic Ministry as a Practice of Justice. Coedited with Luis Fraga. Convivium Press (forthcoming).