Faculty Directory

Angela Kim Harkins

Associate Professor of New Testament

Selected Courses

Fall 2018

Gospel of Mark
Prayer and Ritual in the Biblical World

Spring 2019

Apocalypses and Apocalyptic Literature
Gospel of Matthew

Other Courses

Gospel of John
Intro to the New Testament
Letter to the Hebrews
Second Temple Judaisms

Selected Publications

Books (Monographs and Co-edited Volumes)
2015  Religious Experience and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Edited by Angela Kim Harkins and Mladen Popoviç. Dead Sea Discoveries 22.3.

2014  The Watchers in Jewish and Christian Traditions. Edited by Angela Kim Harkins, Kelley Coblentz Bautch, John Endres, S.J. Minneapolis: Fortress Press.

2014  The Fallen Angels Traditions: Second Temple Developments and Reception History. Edited by Angela Kim Harkins, Kelley Coblentz Bautch and John Endres, S.J. CBQMS 53. Washington, D.C.: The Catholic Biblical Association.

2012  A Teacher for All Generations: Essays in Honor of James C. VanderKam. 2 Vols. Edited by Eric F. Mason (gen. editor); Vol. 1 edited by Samuel Thomas, Alison Schofield, and Eugene C. Ulrich; Vol. 2 edited by Kelley Coblentz Bautch, Angela Kim Harkins and Daniel Machiela. Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Judaism 153.  Leiden: Brill.

2012  Reading with an ‘I’ to the Heavens: Looking at the Qumran Hodayot through the Lens of Visionary Traditions.  Ekstasis: Religious Experience from Antiquity to the Medieval Period 3; Berlin: de Gruyter Press.

Articles and Essays

2018  Hodayot. Pages 450-458 in Early Jewish Literature: An Anthology. Edited by Archie Wright, Brad Embry, and Ron​ald​ Helms. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans.

2017  “The Function of Prayers of Ritual Mourning in the Second Temple Period.” Pages 80-101 in Functions of Psalms and Prayers in the Late Second Temple Period. Edited by Mika S. Pajunen and Jeremy Penner. BZAW 486. Berlin: De Gruyter Press.

2017 "How Should We Feel about the Teacher of Righteousness?" Pages 493-514 in Is There a Text in This Cave? Studies in the Textuality of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Honour of George J. Brooke. Edited by Ariel Feldman, Maria Cioata, and Charlotte Hempel. Leiden: Brill.

2017  “Job in the Ancient Versions and the Pseudepigrapha.” Pages 13-33 in A Companion to Job in the Middle Ages. Edited by Franklin T. Harkins and Aaron Canty. Brill Companions to the Christian Tradition 73. Leiden: Brill.

2016  “The Pro-social Role of Grief in Ezra’s Penitential Prayer.” Biblical Interpretation vol. 24, nos. 4-5 (2016): 466-491.

2016  “The Odes of Solomon as Solomonic Pseudepigrapha.” Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha 25.4 (2016): 247-273.

2016  “Ritual Mourning in Daniel’s Interpretation of Jeremiah’s Prophecy.” The Journal of Cognitive Historiography 2.1 (2015): 14-33.

2016  “The Garden Space in Odes of Solomon 11 and the Reinvigoration of Memories about Paradise.” Pages 1-33 in Biblical & Qur’ānic Traditions in the Middle East. Edited by Cornelia Horn and Sidney Griffith. Eastern Mediterranean Texts and Contexts Series 2. Warwick, R.I.: Abelian Academic Press.

2015  “The Emotional Re-Experiencing of the Hortatory Narratives found in the Admonition Section of the Damascus Document.” Dead Sea Discoveries 22.3 (2015): 285-307.

2015  “A Phenomenological Study of Penitential Elements and Their Strategic Arousal of Emotion in the Qumran Hodayot (1QH cols. 1[?]-8).” Ancient Jewish Prayers and Emotions: A Study of the Emotions Associated with Prayer in the Jewish and Related Literature of the Second Temple Period. Edited by Renate Egger-Wenzel and Stefan C. Reif. DCLS 26. Berlin: de Gruyter.

2015  “Praying for Understanding.” Pages 29-30 in Forty Futures. A Special 40th anniversary themed edition of Biblical Archaeology Review. Washington, D.C.: Biblical Archaeology Society.

2014  “A Fitting Inheritance for Job’s Daughters in the Testament of Job.” Henoch 36.1 (2014): 64-85.

2014  “Elements of the Fallen Angels Traditions in the Qumran Hodayot.” Pages 8-24 in The Fallen Angels Traditions: Second Temple Developments and Reception History. Edited by A.K. Harkins, K. Coblentz Bautch, and J.C. Endres, S.J. CBQMS 53. Washington, D.C.: The Catholic Biblical Association.

2014  “Cultivating Empathy and Mindfulness: Religious Praxis.” Pages 275-88 in Becoming Beholders: Cultivating Sacramental Imagination and Actions in College Classrooms. Edited by Thomas Landy and Karen Eifler.  Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press.

2013  Critical Introduction and notes to the Thanksgiving Hymns (Hodayot). Pages 2018-2094 in Outside the Bible: Ancient Jewish Writings Related to Scripture. Edited by Louis H. Feldman, James L. Kugel, and Lawrence H. Schiffman. The Jewish Publication Society/University of Nebraska Press.

2012  “Religious Experience through the Lens of Critical Spatiality: A Look at Embodiment Language in Prayers and Hymns.” Pages 223-242 in Experientia, Volume 2: Moving from Text to Experience. Edited by Colleen Shantz and Rodney Werline. Atlanta: SBL Press.

2012  “Who is the Teacher of the Teacher Hymns? Re-examining the Teacher Hymns Hypothesis Fifty Years Later.” Pages 449-467 in A Teacher for All Generations: Essays in Honor of James C. VanderKam.  General editor Eric Mason; Vol. 1 edited by Samuel Thomas and Alison Schofield, and Eugene C. Ulrich; Supplements of the Journal for the Study of Judaism 153. Leiden: Brill.

2011  “The Performative Reading of the Hodayot: The Arousal of Emotions and the Exegetical Generation of Texts.” Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha 21.1 (2011): 55-71.

2010  “Reading the Qumran Hodayot in Light of the Traditions Associated with Enoch.” Henoch 32.2 (2010): 359-400.

2010  “A New Proposal for Thinking about 1QHa Sixty Years after its Discovery.”  Pages 101-134 in Qumran Cave 1 Revisited: Texts from Cave 1 Sixty Years after Their Discovery. Proceedings of the Sixth Meeting of the International Organization of Qumran Studies in Ljubljana.  Edited by Daniel K. Falk, Sarianna Metso, Donald W. Parry and Eibert J. C. Tigchelaar. STDJ 91. Leiden: Brill.

2010  “Biblical and Historical Perspectives on ‘the People of God’.” Pages 319-339 in Transforming Relations:  Essays on Jews and Christians throughout History in Honor of Michael A. Signer.  Edited by Franklin T. Harkins. Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press.

2008  “The Community Hymns Classification: A Proposal for Further Differentiation.” Dead Sea Discoveries 15 (2008): 121-54.

2006  “Theological Attitudes towards the Scriptural Text: Lessons from the Syriac Exegetical Tradition and Qumran.” Theological Studies 67.3 (2006): 498-516.

2005  “Observations on the Editorial Shaping of the So-called Community Hymns in 1QHa and 4Q427 (4QHa).” Dead Sea Discoveries 12.3 (2005): 233-56.

2003  Kim, Angela Y. “Authorizing Interpretation in Poetic Compositions in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Later Jewish and Christian Traditions.” Dead Sea Discoveries 10.1 (2003): 26-58.

2002  Kim, Angela Y. “A Study of the Textual Alignment of the Tabernacle Sections of 4Q365 (fragments 8a-b, 9a-b i, 9b ii, 12a i, 12b iii).” Textus:  Studies of the Hebrew University Bible Project 21 (2002): 45-69.

2001  Kim, Angela Y. “Cain and Abel in the Light of Envy:  A Study in the History of the Interpretation of Envy in Genesis 4:1-16.” The Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha 12.1 (2001): 65-84.

2000  Kim, Angela Y. “Signs of Exegetical Techniques in Ephrem’s Homily on Our Lord.” Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies.  January, 2000. [http://syrcom.cua.edu/Hugoye].