Continuing Education

Enriching Faith, Improving Ministry, Enhancing Knowledge

As part of the STM’s mission to serve the community and the Church, our Continuing Education programs provide access to world-class theological and pastoral scholarship, online and on campus, for ministers and others who seek to deepen their engagement with the Catholic faith.   Our priority is to create opportunities for people to participate in conversations on the faith tradition, contemporary theological issues, and ways to pray and serve in the 21st century.  We offer an array of on-campus presentations, as well as online courses, videos, podcasts, and other resources for faith enrichment.


For Your Consideration

A Blog for and by High School Religion Teachers and Campus Ministers

THAT IS Being Catholic  Link to article
What if every member of the school community looked at the goodness of their work as living out the school’s Catholic Identity?
June 18, 2018
Barbara Anne Radtke
Sometimes It Just Sucks  Link to article
Sometimes teaching RE does suck. but Teilhard de Chardin prayed “Trust in the slow work of God.”
May 26, 2018
Barbara Anne Radtke
Student Leadership  Link to article
How do we make room for dissonance and dissent within a school . . .
May 20, 2018
Barbara Anne Radtke


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