STM Global

STM serves as a global center of Catholic thought and action, reflecting Boston College’s goal—and the enduring Jesuit ideal—to work for the transformation of the world. 

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Global Voices

With students, faculty, and other scholars from all over the world, the STM community comprises a diversity of voices representing a microcosm of the global church.

A Diverse Tapestry

Our formation is enriched by the different geographies, histories, and challenges that our international offerings bring to the STM. The diverse tapestry of these experiences inform theological inquiries and ministerial priorities that reflect an authentic global church and respond to the realities of our multicultural world.
O. Ernesto Valiente, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology

See the World While Studying It

Through our integrated courses and programs, students journey to a variety of places all around the world to build relationships, serve communities, and strengthen their pastoral skills.