Seminars, Colloquia, & Lecture Series

Advanced Research Seminar in Philosophy and Theology

Encourages discussion while building and enriching multiple competencies and a strong interdisciplinary spirit.

Fitzgibbons Lecture Series

Lecture series on contemporary issues of race, eco-politics, ethical healthcare, and more.

Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy

The Proceedings publishes papers and commentaries to capture the dialogical spirit of Boston Area Colloquium meetings.

The Boston Colloquium in Medieval Philosophy

Seminars and lectures sponsored by the Institute of Medieval Philosophy and Theology at Boston College.

LaBrecque Lectures in Medical Ethics

Annual lecture focuses on medical ethics from the perspective of the Roman Catholic Church.

Gasson Lectures

Most recent lecture on Kant's Critique of the Modern Machine Metaphor.

Graduate Student Conferences & Workshops

We host annually a conference and a workshop in contemporary philosophy, among other events.