Philosophy Department Faculty

Micah Lott

Associate Professor




Micah joined the faculty of Boston College in 2012. He writes and teaches about ethics, meta-ethics, and political philosophy.

Recent Publications

”Are life forms real? Aristotelian naturalism and biological science” with Jennifer Lockhart. Synthese. 203 (71): 2024.

“Where Lies the Grail? AI, Common Sense, and Human Intelligence” with William Hasselberger. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. (Oct): 2023.

After Virtue, Narrative, and the Human Good.” In MacIntyre's After Virtue at 40, ed. T. Angier. Cambridge University Press, 2023.

“The Knowledge of Human Dignity.” In The Oxford Handbook of Elizabeth Anscombe, ed. R. Teichmann. Oxford University Press, 2022.