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Donald Cox

Professor; Assistant Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies



Selected Publications

"The Evolution of Altruistic Preferences: Mothers versus Fathers", with Ingela Alger, 2013. Review of Economics of the Household, 11:3, 421-446

"Extended Family and Kinship Networks: Economic Insights and Evolutionary Directions", with Marcel Fafchamps, 2008. Handbook of Development Economics: Volume 4. T.P. Schultz and J. Strauss, eds., Elsevier

"Biological Basics and Economics of the Family," 2007. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 21:2, 91-108

"On the Demand for Grandchildren: Tied Transfers and the Demonstration Effect", with Oded Stark), 2005. Journal of Public Economics, 89:9-10, 1665-1697. Reprinted in Handbook on the Economics of Happiness, 2007. L. Bruni and P. L. Porta, eds., Edward Elgar Publishing

"How Responsive are Private Transfers to Income? Evidence from a Laissez-Faire Econ- omy", with Bruce Hansen and Emmanuel Jimenez, 2004. Journal of Public Economics, 88:9-10, 2193-2219

Downloadable Boston College Working Papers

Working Paper 605. Donald Cox, "Private Transfers within the Family: Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters" (12/2003: 277 Kb, PDF; published in Death and Dollars: The Role of Gifts and Bequests in America, Brookings Institution Press)

Working Paper 524. Donald Cox, "Private Inter-household Transfers in Vietnam in the Early and Late 1990s" (02/2002: 96 Kb, PDF)

Working Paper 514. Donald Cox, "How Do People Decide to Allocate Transfers Among Family Members?" (10/2001: 190 Kb, PDF)

Working Paper 482. Donald Cox, Serena Ng, and Andreas Waldkirch, "Intergenerational Linkages in Consumption Behavior" (10/2000: 229 Kb, PDF)

Working Paper 341. Donald Cox, Bruce E. Hansen, and Emmanuel Jimenez (World Bank), "How Responsive are Private Transfers to Income? Evidence from a Laissez-Faire Economy" (rev. 12/1999: 204 Kb, PDF)

Working Paper 330. Donald Cox, James Fetzer and Emmanuel Jiminez, "Private Safety Nets through Inter-Household Transfers: The Case of Viet Nam" (5/96: 101 Kb, PDF)

Working Paper 329. Donald Cox and Oded Stark (Harvard University), "Intergenerational Transfers and the Demonstration Effect" (6/94: 139 Kb, PDF)

Working Paper 328. Donald Cox, Emmanuel Jimenez, Wlodek Okrasa, "Family Safety Nets and Economic Transition: A Study of Worker Households in Poland" (5/96: 117 Kb, PDF)

Working Paper 327. Donald Cox, Zekeriya Eser, Emmanuel Jimenez, "Motives for Private Transfers over the Life Cycle: An Analytical Framework and Evidence for Peru" (4/96: 97 Kb, PDF)

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