Graduate Funding

The department is committed to supporting all its graduate students in Romance Languages and Literatures. Teaching Fellowships and Graduate Assistantships are available to Master's candidates for up to two years, subject to satisfactory performance. (For annual costs of graduate education at BC, see the Student Services site, Calculating the Cost.) 

Teaching Fellowships

Teaching Fellows (TFs) receive a monthly stipend and tuition remission for five courses (fifteen credits) per academic year. First-year students will receive one additional tuition remission credit for the required one-credit, one-semester course, RLRL9990, The Graduate Professional and Pedagogy Seminar.

Under the close supervision of and training by our language coordinators, TFs typically teach classes in Elementary or Intermediate language. TFs teach two sections per semester (usually two sections of the same course), representing six hours of instruction per week.

Renewal of the Teaching Fellowship for one's second year is subject to satisfactory performance as instructor. For all applicants seeking a Teaching Fellowship, an interview (in person or by telephone) with an RLL faculty member (usually a language coordinator) is required.

Graduate Assistantships

Like TFs, Graduate Assistants (GAs) receive tuition remission for five courses per year (plus one additional credit in one's first year for the Graduate Professional Seminar) in addition to a monthly stipend (lower than that of TFs). These assistantships, customarily assigned in the first year of the student’s study, entail 15 hours of clerical work per week in the departmental office, under the supervision of the Department Chair and Administrative Assistant.

Residential Fellowships

Two residential fellowships are offered each year, one in each of our two undergraduate language "houses," the Casa Hispánica and the Maison Française. The positions entail the creation and coordination of extra-curricular academic and social programming in the target language throughout the school year. Residential fellows are given free housing in the Casa or the Maison.  Those interested in these fellowships should contact the RLL Graduate Program director.

Health Insurance

Note that none of the above forms of financial support includes health care coverage, which students can purchase through the university. Also not covered is the required $45 per-semester student activity fee. For further information about financial aid see the BC Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website.