Honors Program

The Department of Romance Languages & Literatures offers both its eligible majors and minors the possibility of pursuing an honors program in the final year of their studies.

Students in the Honors Program will conduct research under the guidance of a faculty member on a topic related to their work in a single Romance Languages & Literatures undergraduate / graduate seminar (or an undergraduate-only seminar for Hispanic Studies minors). Students may continue research begun in a seminar taken before the senior year or they may begin their research in a seminar taken in the Fall of the senior year. In either case, the student will need to obtain the support of the relevant faculty member on an agreed topic. All projects, a 20-page paper for RLL majors or a 15-paper for RLL minors, must be completed and submitted by February 15 of the Spring semester of the senior year. RLL minors must also take a seventh course to receive Honors.

In order to qualify for Honors, students must have a GPA of 3.6 in French, Italian and Hispanic Studies. Students interested in participating in the RLL Honors program should contact the RLL Honors Program Director (rll@bc.edu) and the faculty member with whom they want to work. Students can apply to the program in the Spring semester of their junior year or the Fall semester of their senior year. Applications are available in the Department of Romance Languages office in Lyons 304 and they must be completed by September 20 in the student’s senior year.

A meeting for all RLL Honors Students will be scheduled in October of the senior year for an informal discussion of the early stages of research. Another meeting, to be scheduled in late February, will allow students to share the results of their projects.

Pi Delta Phi, the National French Honor Society

The Lambda Psi chapter of Pi Delta Phi was established at Boston College in 1997. The activities of the Lambda Psi chapter have as their goal to promote a greater awareness of French and Francophone culture at Boston College. Over the past decade, the Lambda Psi chapter has grown to include many of the University's most promising undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty, librarians, administrators and alumni who have distinguished themselves through their scholarship and their love of French culture have also been accorded honorary membership.

Gamma Kappa Alpha, the National Italian Honor Society

Gamma Kappa Alpha seeks to recognize outstanding scholastic performance in the fields of Italian language, culture and literature, to encourage students to acquire a greater interest in and understanding of the Italian language, culture, and society, and to help others appreciate and enjoy the culture of Italy and the Italian language. The Boston College chapter was established in Fall 2009. Majors and Minors in Italian Studies in good academic standing can apply for active membership in the society.

Sigma Delta Pi, the National Hispanic Honor Society

A BC Chapter is currently in the process of being created.