Fifth Year B.A/M.A. Program

Undergraduate philosophy majors at Boston College may apply to the Five-Year B.A.-M.A. Program. If accepted, they will successively earn their B.A. (end of senior year) and their M.A. (fifth year).

Students must first complete the philosophy major requirements, with the additional specification that they must take four philosophy graduate-level courses (generally those open to both undergrads and grads, coded 5000 or 6000) during their junior and/or senior year. Two of these courses count towards both the B.A. and the M.A. degrees. The two other courses will count only towards the M.A. degree. This means that as undergrads the students will need to overload and acquire 6 credit hours beyond the number required for the B.A.

These four graduate courses will be listed in the Accelerated Degree Program Form, which the students fill out by the end of senior year. Students can then complete in the fifth year the M.A. coursework requirement of ten graduate courses in the total with a normal graduate load of three courses a semester. In addition, as the other M.A. students, the students have to present a qualifying paper in the fifth year and satisfy the M.A. language requirement (see details in the Graduate Studies Handbook).

Given that they will have to take four graduate-level courses while being undergrads, interested students should talk to their adviser and contact the graduate program director as soon as possible in order to determine whether they are eligible and will be able to satisfy all the requirements. They must apply to the graduate program by the normal channel (see the instruction on the Graduate School of the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences web site) at the beginning of the second semester of their junior year. Applicants must have achieved an overall GPA of at least 3.33 and a major GPA of 3.5 or above. They must submit a statement of purpose, two letters of recommendation, and, when it becomes available, their final undergraduate transcript. For those applicants, the application fee is waived, and GRE and writing sample are not required.