The department offers a comprehensive Program in the history and problems of philosophy, allowing for concentration in the following areas: Ancient Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, Continental Philosophy from Kant to the present, Social and Political Philosophy, and Philosophy of Science.

A significant feature of the Program is the extensive and diverse range of courses available to graduate students every semester.

The department offers an M.A. program and a Ph.D. program, and also a joint M.A. in philosophy and theology. The Graduate Director and Graduate committee administer these programs.


The policy of the department is to offer students admitted to the doctoral program full funding each year.

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Graduate Director

Jean-Luc Solère
Stokes N219

Administrative and Graduate Program Assistant

RoseMarie DeLeo
Stokes N303e
Phone: 617-552-3847
Fax: 617-552-3874

Placement Officer

Daniel McKaughan
Stokes N351

M.A. Coordinator

Marius Stan
Stokes N357


Feb 2

application deadline for the Master’s program

Feb 2

application deadline for the Joint M.A. in Philosophy and Theology program

Jan 2

application deadline for the Doctoral program