Past Seminar Series

Spring 2017

  • Feb. 21 - Ted Daeschler, Drexel University - “Great Steps in the History of Life: The Origin of Limbed Vertebrates”
  • Mar. 14 - Jennifer Wade, National Science Foundation Program Director - “From Rocky Cliffs to Capitol Hill: My Path in Science”
  • Mar. 28 - Andy Wickert, University of Minnesota - “How to Assemble a River That Spans a Continent: the Unusual History of the Mississippi” 
  • Apr. 4 - Thorne Lay, UC Santa Cruz - “Use of Seismic, Geodetic and Tsunami Data to Improve Rupture Models for Large Earthquakes”
  • Apr. 11 - Cin-Ty Lee, Rice University - “Origin of Deep Continental Lithosphere and its Impact on the Evolution of Earth's Surface”
  • Apr. 18 - Alicia Cruz-Uribe, University of Maine - “Sweaty Plumes and Melty Plumes: The Fate of Mélange Material in Subduction Zones” 
  • Apr. 25 - Seth Kruckenberg, Boston College - “Enhance! Zooming in on the Grain-Scale Record of Tectonic Deformation”
  • May 2 - Jennifer Francis, Rutgers University - “Crazy Weather and the Arctic Meltdown: How Are They Connected?” 
  • May 12 - Edward Inglis, Durham University, England - “Iron Isotope Behaviour During Dehydration of Subducting Serpentinite: A Grain-Scale Approach”

Fall 2016

  • Sept. 20 - Drew Coleman, University of North Carolina - "Missed Connection: Ignimbrite Seeking Plutonic Relationship"
  • Oct. 4 - Jerry Mitrovica, Harvard University - "Viewing the Ice Age Through a Sea Level Lens"
  • Oct. 11 - Ted Schuur, Northern Arizona University - "Climate Change and the Permafrost Carbon Feedback"
  • Oct. 18 - Faculty Colloquium:  short 15 minute presentations given by several EESC Faculty introducing their research - Ethan Baxter, Corinne Wong, Rudi Hon
  • Oct. 25 - Faculty Colloquium - Gail Kineke, Noah Snyder, Jeremy Shakun, Ken Galli
  • Nov. 1 - Faculty Colloquium - Alan Kafka, Tara Pisani Gareau, Matt Collins, Alfredo Urzua
  • Nov. 8 - Jeff Donnelly, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute - "A Perfect Storm: The Collision of Tropical Cyclones, Climate Change and Coastal Population Growth"
  • Nov. 15 - Dustin Trail, University of Rochester - "Zircons and the Origin of Life"
  • Nov. 29 - John Ebel, Boston College - "Estimating the Locations of Past and Furture Large Earthquake Ruptures in California using Recent M≥4 Events"
  • Dec. 6 - Peter Molnar, University of Colorado-Boulder - "Mantle Dyamics, Isostasy, and Surface Topography: What's in a Name? That Which we Call "Dynamic Topography" By Any Other Name (Like Isostasy) Would Stand As Tall"