Archived Seminars

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title
January 19
Th 3:30 p.m. 
Benjamin Bushong, Harvard University Misattribution of Reference Dependence: Evidence from Real-Effort Experiments
January 30
M 3:30 p.m.
Lee Lockwood, Northwestern University Government Old-Age Support and Labor Supply: Evidence from the Old Age Assistance Program
January 31
1:30 p.m.
Ami Ko, University of Pennsylvania An Equilibrium Analysis of the Long-Term Care Insurance Market
February 6
M 3:30 p.m.
Jing Li, Harvard University Compatibility and Investment in the U.S. Electric Vehicle Market
February 7
1:30 p.m.
Claudio Labanca, University of California, San Diego Coordination of Hours within the Firm
February 16 Th Maloney 365 Abby Friedman, Yale School of Public Health Minimum Legal Sales Ages for Electronic Cigarettes: Lasting, Differential Effects
February 27 Krishna Pendakur, Simon Fraser University Infant Mortality and the Repeal of Federal Prohibition
February 28 Hanming Fang, University of Pennsylvania Parental Employment, Absence and Children’s Educational Gender Gap
March 14 Cancelled  
March 21 Lisa Kahn, Yale School of Management Do Recessions Accelerate Routine-Biased Technological Change? Evidence from Vacancy Postings
March 28 Nicolai Kuminoff, Arizona State University Estimating the Heterogeneous Welfare Effects of Choice Architecture: An Application to the Medicare Prescription Drug Insurance Market
April 4 S Anukriti, Boston College  
April 11 Matthew Backus, Columbia University On the Empirical Content of Cheap-Talk Signaling: An Application to Bargaining
May 2 Javier Donna, Ohio State University The Illiquidity of Water Markets: Efficient Institutions for Water Allocation in Southeastern Spain



Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title  
August 29 12:00 p.m. Franco Peracchi, Georgetown University Growing up in Wartime: Evidence From The Era of Two World Wars  
September 13 Mallika Thomas, Cornell University The Impact of Mandated Maternity Benefits on the Gender Differential in Promotions: Examining the Role of Adverse Selection  
September 20 Richard Sweeney, Boston College Capital versus Output Subsidies: Implications of Alternative Incentives for Wind Energy  
September 27 Thomas Wollmann, University of Chicago The Impact of Money on Science: Evidence From Unexpected NCAA College Football Outcomes  
October 4 Daniel Ackerberg, University of Michigan Timing and Information Set Assumptions in a Production Function Context  
October 18 Anna Raute, University of Mannheim Who Benefits From Universal Childcare? Estimating Marginal Returns to Early Childcare Attendance  
October 25 Simone Schaner, Dartmouth College An Account of One's Own: Can Targeting Benefits Payments Address Social Constraints to Female Labor Force Participation?  
November 1 Thomas Covert, University of Chicago Experiential and Social Learning in Firms: The Case of Hydraulic Fracturing in the Bakken Shale  
November 8 Petra Persson, Stanford University The Long-term Consequences of Teacher Discretion in Grading of High-stakes Tests  
November 15 Bernhard Ganglmair, University of Texas-Dallas Learning When to Quit  
November 22 Ameet Morjaria, Northwestern University Competition and Relational Contacts: Evidence from Rwanda’s Coffee Mills  
November 29 Lucas Coffman, Harvard University
Marketing Schooling: An At Scale Experiment in the Dominican Republic  
December 6 John Lazarev, New York University Input Allocation and Downstream Market
Structure: Slot Control in the
U.S. Airline Industry

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Title
February 23 Andrey Fradkin
Market Structure with the Entry of Peer-to-Peer Platforms: The Case of Hotels and Airbnb
March 1 Johannes Schmieder
Boston University
Optimal Income Taxation with Unemployment and Wage Responses: A Sufficient Statistics Approach
March 4, Friday
11:30 a.m-
12:30 p.m.
Yuyun Liu
March 15 Nate Miller
Georgetown University
Pass-Through in a Concentrated Industry: Empirical Evidence and Regulatory Implications
March 22 Mar Reguant
Northwestern University
Learning from Schools about Energy Efficiency
March 29 Costas Meghir
Yale University
Estimating the Production Function for Human Capital: Results from a Randomized Control Trial in Colombia
April 5 Gautam Rao
Harvard University
Status Goods: Experimental Evidence from Platinum Credit Cards
April 12 Mitsuru Igami
Yale University
Mergers, Innovation, and Entry-Exit Dynamics: The Consolidation of the Hard Disk Drive Industry, 1996-2015
April 19 Matthew Osborne
University of Toronto
Identification and Estimation of Forward-looking Behavior: The Case of Consumer Stockpiling
April 26 Kevin Williams
Yale University
Product Variety, Across-Market Demand Heterogeneity, and the Value of Online Retail
May 3 Adam Kapor
Princeton University
Distributional Effects of Race-Blind Affirmative Action
May 10 Christos Genakos
Athens University of Economics and Business
Loss Aversion on the Phone

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 15 Sylvia Hristakeva, Boston College How Do Vertical Contracts Affect Product Availability? An Empirical Study of the Grocery Industry
Sept. 22 Michael French, University of Miami Hit-and-Run or Hit-and-Stay: Do Stricter BAC Limits Encourage Drivers to Flee the Crash Scene?
Sept. 29 Przemyslaw Jeziorski, UC Berkeley  Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard in a Dynamic Model of Auto Insurance
Oct. 6 Seminar Cancelled  
Oct. 13 Alessandra Voena, University of Chicago (visiting Yale) Bride Price and Female Education
Oct. 20 Jean François Houde, University of Pennsylvania Estimating Substitution Patterns in Differentiated Goods Industries
Oct. 27 Eduardo Souza-Rodrigues, University of Toronto Identification of Counterfactuals and Payoffs in Dynamic Discrete Choice with an Application to Land Use
Nov. 3 Daniel L. Chen, ETH Zurich The Deterrent Effect of the Death Penalty? Evidence from British Commutations During World War I
Nov. 10 Namrata Kala, Harvard University Ambiguity Aversion and Learning in a Changing World: The Potential Effects of Climate Change From Indian Agriculture
Nov. 17 Anna Aizer, Brown University Inequality in Lead Exposure and the Black-White Test Score Gap
Nov. 24 Michael Dinerstein, University of Chicago Quantifying the Supply Response of Private Schools to Public Policies
Dec. 1 Rossella Calvi, Boston College Why Are Older Women Missing in India? The Age Profile of Bargaining Power and Poverty
Dec. 8 Aviv Nevo, Northwestern University Usage-Based Pricing and Demand for Residential Broadband
Dec. 14
4:00 p.m.
Paul Grieco, Pennsylvania State University What Drives Home Market Advantage?

Spring 2015

Date  Speaker  Title
Feb. 24 Mike Sinkinson, University of Pennsylvania "Ask Your Doctor? Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Pharmaceuticals"
March 10 Jordi Jaumandreu, Boston University "Measuring the Bias of Technological Change"
March 17 Pierre Dubois, Toulouse School of Economics "The Effects of Banning Advertising in Junk Food Markets"
March 24 Jonathan Zinman, Dartmouth College "Unshrouding Effects on Demand for a Costly Add-on: Evidence from Bank Overdrafts in Turkey"
March 25 (Wednesday) Nikhil Agarwal, MIT "Demand Analysis using Strategic Reports: An Application to a School Choice Mechanism"
March 31 Nathan Hendren, Harvard University "The Effects of Exposure to Better Neighborhoods on Children’s Long-Term Outcomes"
April 14 Robin Lee, Harvard University "Insurer Competition in Health Care Markets"
April 21 Seema Jayachandran, Northwestern University "Why are Indian Children So Short?"
April 28 Victor Aguirregabiria, University of Toronto "A Microeconometric Dynamic Structural Model of Copper Mining Decisions"
May 4 Sylvia Hristakeva, Boston College "The Effect of Vertical Contracts on Product Availability. An Empirical Study of the Grocery Industry"

Fall 2014

 Date  Speaker  Title
Sept. 16 Rossella Calvi Boston College "Long-Term Effects of Access to Health Care: Medical Missions in Colonial India"
Sept. 23 Julie Holland Mortimer, Boston College "Efficiency and Foreclosure Effects of All-Units Discounts: Empirical Evidence"
Sept. 30 Arthur Lewbel, Boston University "Identifying Sharing Rules in Collective Household Models"
Oct. 7 Ben Shiller, Brandeis University "First-Degree Price Discrimination Using Big Data"
Oct.14 Marc Rysman, Boston University (Visiting Boston College) "A Structural Model of Air Services Agreements: Empirics of Network Formation"
Oct.21 Rohini Pande, Harvard Kennedy School TBD
Oct.28 Sylvia Hristakeva, Boston College "Effect of Vertical Relations on Product Assortments"
Nov. 4 Kirk Doran, University of Notre Dame "Cognitive Mobility: Labor Market Responses to Supply Shocks in the Space of Ideas"
Nov. 11 Koichiro Ito, Boston University "The Economics of Attribute-Based Regulation : Theory and Evidence from Fuel-Economy Standards"
Nov. 14, Friday, 11:30 a.m. Claudia Olivetti, Boston University "Intergenerational Mobility Across Three Generations in the 19th Century: Evidence from the US Census"
Nov. 18 Chris Ahlin, Michigan State University "Matching for Credit: Risk and Diversification in Thai Microcredit Groups"
Nov. 25 Magne Mogstad, University of Chicago "Field of Study, Earnings, and Self-Selection"
Dec. 2 Victor Aguirregabiria, University of Toronto TBD

Spring 2017

Date  Speaker Title
February 20 Laurens Cherchye, University of Leuven Where Did it Go Wrong? Marriage and Divorce in Malawi
February 24 Friday 11:30a.m. Kaspar Wüthrich, University of         
California-San Diego  
New Algorithms for Estimating Instrumental Variable Quantile Regression Models
February 27 Krishna Pendakur, Simon Fraser University Infant Mortality and the Repeal of Federal Prohibition
April 3 Tatiana Komarova, London School of Economics A Simple Test for Monotonicity and Monotonicity-Related Properties
April 10 Arnaud Maurel, Duke University Extremal Quantile Regressions for Selection Models and the Black-White Wage Gap          
May 1 Andres Aradillas-Lopez, Penn State Inference in Ordered Response Games with Complete Information

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title
Franco Peracchi, Georgetown University Growing up in Wartime: Evidence From The Era of Two World Wars
9/12 Martin Weidner, University College London Fixed-Effect Regressions on Network Data
9/19 Dan Ben-Moshe, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Identification and Estimation of Coefficients in Dependent Factor Models
11:30 a.m.
Mingli Chen, Warwick University Quantile Graphical Models: Prediction and Conditional Independence With Applications to Financial Risk Management
9/26 Simon Lee, Columbia University Best Subset Binary Prediction
10/3 Xun Tang, Rice University Bargaining with Optimism: Identifcation and Estimation of a Model of Medical Malpractice Litigation
10/14 Friday
11:30 a.m
Lars Nesheim, UCL  
10/17 Michal Kolesár, Princeton University  
10/24 Andrew Patton, Duke University Evaluating and Comparing Possibly Misspecified Forecasts
10/28 Friday
11:30 a.m.
Joon Park, Indiana University Analysis of Distributional Dynamics for Repeated Cross-Sectional and Intra-Period Observations
11/7 Jonathan Wright, Johns Hopkins University Efficient Inference in Non-Gaussian Structural VARs
11/21 Aureo de Paula, University College London Identifying and Estimating Social Connections from Outcome Data
11/28 Joachim Freyberger, University of Wisconsin-Madison Inference Under Shape Restrictions

Spring 2016

 Date Speaker Title
April 8, Friday 11:30 a.m. Koen Jochmans, Sciences Po Modfied-Likelihood Estimation of the β-Model
April 11 Ted Juhl, University of Kansas Testing for Slope Heterogeneity Bias in Panel Data Models
April 15, Friday 11:30 a.m. Jilin Wu, Shandong University (visiting BC)  
April 22, Friday 11:30 a.m. Stéphane Bonhomme 
University of Chicago
Approximate Clustering
April 25 Esfandiar Maasoumi
Emory University
The Gender Gap Between Earnings Distributions
April 29, Friday 11:30 a.m. Demian Pouzo
University of CA Berkeley
Misspecified Bayesian Markov Decision Processes
May 2 Toru Kitagawa
University College London
Who Should be Treated? Empirical Welfare Maximization Methods for Treatment Choice
May 9,
11:30 a.m.
Room 330
Abi Adams
Yale University
May 9 Karim Chalak
University of Virginia
Differential Measurement Error in Multiple Linear Equations with Application to Corporate Investment and Saving
May 25, Wed., 11:30 a.m. Elena Manresa Quirante, MIT Estimating the Structure of Social Interactions Using Panel Data

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 11 Alexander Meister, University of Rostock Statistical Inference for Nonparametric GARCH Models
Sept. 14 Ian Dew-Becker, Northwestern University
How Risky is Consumption in the Long-run? Benchmark Estimates From a Robust Estimator
Sept. 21 Rong Chen, Rutgers University
Convolutional Autoregressive Models for Functional Time Series
Sept. 28 Juan Carlos Escanciano, Indiana University Identification and Information in Semiparametric Models
Oct. 5 Isaiah Andrews, Harvard University Unbiased Instrumental Variables Estimation Under Known First-Stage Sign
Oct. 19 Greg Duffee, Johns Hopkins University Expected Inflation and Other Determinants of Treasury Yields
Oct. 26 Giovanni CerullliCNR-IRCrES  Econometric Evaluation of Socio-Economic Programs Theory and Applications
Nov. 2 Antonio Galvao, University of Iowa Measurement Errors in Quantile Regression Models
Nov. 9 Minchul Shin, University of Pennsylvania  Bayesian GMM
Nov. 16 John Chao, University of Maryland Pretest Based Inference for Panel Autoregression
Nov. 30 Martin Spindler, Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy  
Dec. 4 Green Line Econometrics Conference  
Dec. 7 Seminar Cancelled  

Spring 2015

Date Speaker Title
March 9
Anna Mikusheva

"Conditional Inference with a Functional Nuisance Parameter"
March 12 Christoph Breunig, University of Berlin "Testing Missing at Random using Instrumental Variables"
March 16 Arthur Lewbel, Boston College "The Identification Zoo"
March 23 Jerry Hausman, MIT "Errors in the Dependent Variable of Quantile Regression Models"
March 27, 12-1pm Yuya Sasaki, Johns Hopkins "Earnings Dynamics with Heteroskedastic Permanent Shocks"
March 30 Xavier d'Haultfoueille, ENSAE "Differences in differences with fuzzy groups"
April 6 Keisuke Hirano, University of Arizona "Forecasting with Model Uncertainty: Representations and Risk Reduction"
April 10 (Friday, 2-3), Maloney 313 Alfred Galichon, MIT "Vector Quantile Regression"
April 13 Xi Qu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University "2SIV Estimation of A Dynamic Spatial Panel Data Model with Endogenous Spatial Weight Matrices"
May 11 Anna Simoni, CNRS (French National Center of Scientific Research) "Gaussian Processes and Bayesian Moment Estimation"

Fall 2014

 Date  Speaker  Title
Sept. 19 (Friday, 3:00-4:30, Maloney 313) Donald Andrews, Yale University "Identification- and Singularity-Robust Inference for Moment Condition Models"
Sept. 26 (Friday, 11:30-12:30, Maloney 313) Zaichao Du, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China "Simple Automatic Portmanteau Tests for Conditional Dynamic Models"
Sept. 29 Tao Yang, Boston College "Asymptotic Trimming and Rate Adaptive Inference for Endogenous Selection Estimates"
Oct. 20 Juan Carlos Escanciano, Indiana University "Identifying Marginal Effects with Binary Instruments or by Regression Discontinuity"
Oct. 27 Shakeeb Khan, Duke University "On Uniform Inference in Nonlinear Models with Endogeneity"
Dec. 2 (Tuesday, 12:00-1:30, Maloney 313) Victor Aguirregabiria, University of Toronto TBD

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 20
F 3:30 p.m.
Chang Sun
Princeton University
Factor-biased Multinational Production
Jan. 23
3:30 p.m.
Francois De Soyres
Toulouse School of Economics
Value Added and Productivity Linkages Across Countries
Jan. 25
W 10:30 a.m.
Jingting Fan
University of Maryland
Talent, Geography, and Offshore R&D
March 13 James Anderson, Boston College Short Run Gravity
April 24 Penglong Zhang, Boston College The Gravity of Tastes

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 26 James Anderson, Boston College N-S Trade with Weak Institutions
Oct. 10 Tibor Besedes, Georgia Institute of Technology Trade Integration and the Fragility of TradeRelationships: Theory and Empirics
Oct. 17 Hideo Konishi, Boston College Campaign Contributions: Salient and Non-Salient Agendas
Oct. 31 Susan Chun Zhu, Michigan State University Global Engagement and the Occupational Structure of Firms
Nov. 3 Thursday, 1:30 p.m. Ina Simonovska, University of California-Davis  The Risky Capital of Emerging Markets
Nov. 21 Penglong Zhang, Boston College

Home-biased Tastes in International Trade

Nov. 28 Ben Li, Boston College Trading Goods and Territories

Dec. 5 Gary Lyn, University of Massachusetts-Lowell Coming to America: Immigration and Labor Market Dynamics

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Title
Feb. 25 HED: Claudia Goldin
Harvard University
Career and Family: Collision or Confluence
March 14 Jim Anderson
Boston College
Short Run Gravity
March 18
HED: Cancelled  
March 21 Stephen Redding
Princeton University
A Unified Approach to Estimating Demand and Welfare
April 4

HED: Dilip Mookherjee
Boston University
Property Rights and Gender Bias: Evidence from Land Reform in West Bengal
April 11 Ben Li, Boston College Trade and Geopolitics
April 25 TBD  
May 2 Thibault Fally
UC Berkeley
Firm Heterogeneity in Consumption Baskets: Evidence from Home and Store Scanner Data
May 9
Gasson 305
HED: David Weil
Brown University
The Global Spatial Distribution of Economic Activity: Nature, History, and the Role of Trade
May 11
3:30 p.m.
Pol Antràs
Harvard University

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 18 Cheng Chen, University of Hong Kong Outward FDI and Domestic Input Distortions: Evidence from Chinese Firms
Sept. 21 Ina Simonovska, University of California-Davis The Addilog Theory of Trade
Sept. 28 Hideo Konishi, Boston College Pork Barrel Politics and Gerrymandering
Oct. 5 Eduardo Morales, Princeton University What Do Exporters Know?
Oct. 26 Jim Anderson, Boston College Growth and Trade with Frictions: A Structural Estimation Framework
Oct. 30 
Friday, 3:30 p.m., Maloney 330  

Heiwai Tang, Johns Hopkins University Offshoring, Relationship-Specificity, and Domestic Production Networks
Nov. 10 
Tuesday, 1:30 p.m., Maloney 330
Thierry Mayer, SciencesPo From Micro to Macro: Demand, Supply, and Heterogeneity in the Trade Elasticity
Nov. 16 Thilo Huning, Humboldt University of Berlin How Britain Unified Germany: Geography and the Rise of Prussia After 1815

Spring 2015

 Date  Speaker  Title
February 16 Jim Anderson, Boston College "Growth and Trade: A Structural Econometric Approach"
February 23 Jonathan Vogel, Columbia  "Accounting for Changes in Between-Group Inequality"
March 9 Mona Kashiha, Boston College "Border Effects in a Free Trade Zone: Evidence from European Wine"
March 23 Piera Bello, Università della Svizzera italiana "Labor Market Responses to Trade Liberalization: Evidence from Switzerland"
March 30 Gary Lyn, UMass Lowell "External Economies and International Trade: A Quantitative Framework"
April 6 Raphael Schoettler, Humboldt University of Berlin & Harvard University "German Reunification and the Real Estate Market"
April 13 Kensuke Teshima, ITAM "Assortative Matching of Exporters and Importers"
April 27 Costas Arkolakis, Yale  "Universal Gravity"

Fall 2014

 Date  Speaker  Title
September 15 Jim Anderson "Gravity with Economies of Scope and Scale"
September 22 Ben Li "Price and Quantity in Offshoring"
September 29 Tan Li "Beyond Tariff: How do FTAs affect Trade Disputes?"
October 6 Stefania Garetto "Diversification, Cost Structure, and the Risk Premium of Multinational Corporations"
October 20 Oren Ziv "Density, Productivity, and Sorting"
October 27 Laura Bonacorsi "Scale Economies in European International Trade"
November 3 Florian Mayneris "The Cleansing Effect of Minimum Wage-Minimum Wage Rules, Firm Dynamics and Aggregate Productivity in China"
November 10 Rosalia Greco "Ideological Salience, Party Polarization and Redistributive Policy"
November 17 Georg Strasser "Cross-Country Price Dispersion in the European Car Market"
November 24 Boris Taganov "Trade Integration and Wage Inequality in Russia"
December 1 Jim Anderson "Growth and Trade: A Structural Econometric Approach"
December 8 Xiaoping Chen "Global Sourcing over the Product Cycle"

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title
March 15 Cancelled  
March 22 Federico Echenique, California Institute of Technology On Multiple Discount Rates
March 29 Fuhito Kojima
Stanford University
Stability and Strategy-Proofness for Matching with Constraints: A Necessary and Sufficient Condition 
April 5 Joshua Schwartzstein
Harvard University
Channeled Attention and Stable Errors
April 12 Shengwu Li
Harvard University
Obviously Strategy-Proof Mechanisms
April 19 Martin Cripps, University College London Bayesian Experimentation and Learning who to Treat
April 26 Mohammad Akbarpour
Stanford University
Thickness and Information in Dynamic Matching Markets

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title
September 21 Maciej Kotowski, Harvard University Endowments, Exclusion, and Exchange
September 28 Hector Chade, Arizona State University  Disentangling Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection
October 5 Cancelled  
October 12 George Mailath, University of Pennsylvania Fragile Financial Coalitions: The Interaction Between Real Returns and Social Capital
October 19 Michihiro Kandori, University of Tokyo Labor Union as an OLG Repeated Game: A Case Study of Dynamic Network Formation
October 26 Brendan Daley, Duke University Bargaining and News
November 2 Daniel Gottlieb, Washington University in St. Louis Simple Contracts with Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard
November 9 Brian Baisa, Amherst College Efficient Multi-unit Auctions for Normal Goods
November 16 Zvi Safra, University of Warwick Fairness and Utilitarianism Without Independence
November 30 Juuso Toikka, MIT Value of Persistent Information

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Title
March 2 Pauli Murto
Aalto University
Waiting for my Neighbors
March 9 Antonio Romero Medina
Charles III University of Madrid
Take-it-or-Leave-it Contracts in Many-to-Many Matching Markets
March 16 Stephan Lauermann
Bonn University
Learning and Price Discovery in a Search Model
March 23 Ran Shorrer
Harvard University
“Strategic” Behavior in a Strategy-proof Environment
March 30 Glen Weyl, Microsoft Research
New England
Descending Price Coordinates Approximately Efficient Search
April 6 Hanzhe Zhang
Michigan State University
A Marriage-Market Perspective of the College Gender Gap
April 13 Eric Budish
University of Chicago
Experiments as a Bridge from Market Design Theory to Market Design Practice: Changing the Course Allocation Mechanism at Wharton
April 20 Heng Liu
University of Michigan
A Tale of Two Lemons: Multi-Good Dynamic Adverse Selection
April 27 Doron Ravid
University of Chicago
Bargaining with Rational Inattention
May 4 Botond Koszegi
Central European University
Unrealistic Expectations and Misguided Learning
May 11 Pol Antràs
Harvard University
Internalizing Global Value Chains: A Firm-Level Analysis

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 2 David Dillenberger,
University of Pennsylvania
Skewed Noise

Sept. 9 Juan Ortner, Boston University Collusion in Auctions with Constrained Bids: Theory and Evidence from Public Procurement
Sept. 16 Guillaume Haeringer, Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business Two-sided Matching with (Almost) One-sided Preferences
Sept. 23 Bruno Strulovici, Northwestern University

Can Cooperation be Sustained Without Punishing the Innocent? A Limit of Self-Regarding Behavior

Sept. 30 Simone Galperti, University of California-San Diego Delegating Resource Allocation: Multidimensional Information vs. Decisions
Oct. 7 Christian List, London School of Economics Reason-based Choice and Context-dependence: An Explanatory Framework
Oct. 14 Eun Jeong Heo, Vanderbilt University Kidney Exchange with Immunosuppressants
Oct. 21 Thayer Morrill, North Carolina State University Pareto Dominating Deferred Acceptance in Equilibrium
Oct. 28 Ron Siegel, Pennsylvania State University Effort-Maximizing Contests
Nov. 4 Jidong Zhou, Yale University Competitive Bundling
Nov. 11 Lones Smith, University of Wisconsin Rushes in Timing Games
Nov. 16
Mon. 1:30 p.m.
M. Bumin Yenmez,
Carneigie Mellon University
Matching with Externalities

Nov. 18 Tomasz Strzalecki, Harvard University Stochastic Choice and Optimal Sequential Sampling
Dec. 2 Laurent Bouton, Georgetown University Entitlements

Spring 2015

 Date  Speaker  Title
February 25, 12-1:15 Sushil Bikhchandani, UCLA "Two-sided Matching with Incomplete Information"
March 11 Nenad Kos, Bocconi University "Selling to the Mean"
March 19 (Thursday) Rob Feenstra, UC Davis "Restoring the Product Variety and Pro-competitive Gains from Trade with Heterogeneous Firms and Bounded Productivity"
March 25, 12-1:30, Cushing 209 Nikhil Agarwal, MIT "Demand Analysis using Strategic Reports: An Application to a School Choice Mechanism"
March 25 Jakub Steiner, Cerge-Ei, Prague "Rational Inattention Dynamics: Inertia and Delay in Decision-Making"
March 27 (Friday) Felix Tintelnot, University of Chicago "The Margins of Global Sourcing: Theory and Evidence from U.S. Firms"
March 30 (Monday) Isa Hafalir, Carnegie Mellon University "College Admissions with Entrance Exams: Centralized versus Decentralized"
April 1 Philipp Kircher, University of Edinburgh "Efficient Competition through Cheap Talk: The Case of Competing Auctions"
April 8 Juuso Välimäki, visiting Yale, Helsinki "Common Value Auctions with Costly Entry"
April 15 Andy Skrzypacz, Stanford University "Dynamic Trading: Price Inertia, Front-Running and Relationship Banking"
April 22 Alp Atakan, Koc University TBA
April 29 Leeat Yariv, Caltech "Optimal Dynamic Matching"
May 4 Ozgur Yilmaz "Student Exchange Under Partial Fairness"
May 6 Szilvia Pápai, Concordia University "Circulation Under Responsive Preferences"

Fall 2014

 Date  Speaker  Title

Sept. 3

Alex Teytelboym, MIT "Cascades in Networks: A Simple Theory and Applications"
Sept. 10
Marco Ottaviani, Bocconi University "Research and the Approval Process"
Sept. 17 Alexander Frankel, The University of Chicago, Booth School of Business "Muddled Information"
Sept. 24 Efe Ok, New York University "Decision-Making under Subjective Risk: Toward a General Theory of Pessimism"
Oct. 1 Philip Bond, University of Washington, Foster School of Business "Measuring the Informativeness of Economic Actions and Market Prices"
Oct. 8 No seminar


Oct. 15 Nageeb Ali, University of California, San Diego "Predictability and Power in Legislative Bargaining"

Oct. 22

Hülya Eraslan, Johns Hopkins University

"Dynamic Agenda Setting"

Oct. 29

Alessandro Bonatti, MIT

"Monitoring in Strategic Experimentation"

Oct. 31
Jacques Thisse, Université catholicque de Louvain "Toward a Theory of Monopolistic Competition"

Nov. 5

Marek Pycia, UCLA

"Efficient Bilateral Trade"

Nov. 12

SangMok Lee, University of Pennsylvania

"On the Efficiency of Stable Matchings in Large Markets"

Nov. 19

Navin Kartik, Columbia University


Dec. 3

Marzena Rostek, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Decentralized Exchange"

Spring 2012

 Date  Speaker  Title
January 23 Laurence Kotlikoff, Boston University "Fixing America"
February 20 Joseph Joyce, Wellesley College "The IMF and the Global Financial Crisis: Phoenix Rising?"
February 27 Daniel Sargent, U.C. Berkeley "The End of Bretton Woods Revisited"
March 19 Francesco Giavazzi, Bocconi University, Milan "The Euro Area Crisis and Its Policy Implications"
March 26 Anton Korinek, University of Maryland "The New Economics of Prudential Capital Controls"
April 2 Andrew Rose, U.C. Berkeley "Protection Isn't Counter-Cyclic (Anymore)"
April 3 (Tuesday), 4:00 PM, Robsham Theater Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times and CNBC, organized by the Winston Center for the Clough Colloquium Series  
April 18 (Wednesday), 7:00 PM, Devlin 008 John Perkins, co-sponsored by the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Institute for the Liberal Arts, and the International Studies Program "Hoodwinked! What Wrecked Our Economy? How to Fix It"
April 23 Lisa Lynch, Brandeis University "The Ongoing Employment Crisis: Its Nature and Policy Responses"
April 30 James Alt, Harvard University "The Politics and Economics of Fiscal Gimmickry in Europe" (w/D. Lassen and J. Wehner)

Fall 2011

Date  Speaker  Title
September 26 Col. Michael J. Meese (United States Military Academy at West Point) "Economics in Conflicts: The Case of Afghanistan"
October 17 David Cameron (Yale University) "The Eurozone Crisis: Stumbling Toward Economic Government"
October 24 N. Gregory Mankiw (Harvard University) "The Challenges Facing Monetary and Fiscal Policy"
November 2 (Wednesday) Devlin 101 Vivien Schmidt (Boston University) "The European Union's Eurozone Crisis: A Failure of Economics or of Leadership?"
November 7 George Akerlof (University of California, Berkeley and IMF) "Phishing Phor Phools"
November 14 Takeo Hoshi (University of California, San Diego) "Post 3/11 Japanese Economy"
November 21 Jorge Braga de Macedo (Nova University, Lisbon) "Euro Zone, North Atlantic, G20: Together Alone?"
November 28 Luis Felipe Cespedes (Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Santiago) "Macroeconomic Policy in Emerging Market Economies: The Case of Chile"
December 5 Giovanni Peri (University of California, Davis) "International Migrations in the Last 30 Years: Economic Effects and Policy Concerns"

Spring 2011

 Date  Speaker  Title
Feb. 11 (Friday) Higgins 310 Francesco Giavazzi, Bocconi University, Milan "Why the Current Account May Matter in a Monetary Union: Lessons from the Financial Crisis in the Euro Area" (w/L. Spaventa)
Feb. 28 William Grimes, Boston University "Financial Regionalism in East Asia in the Wake of the Global Financial Crisis"
Mar. 21 William Clark, University of Michigan "The Fed May Be Politically Independent, But It Is Not Politically Indifferent" (w/V. Arel-Bundock)
Mar. 28 Jeffrey Frankel, Harvard University "After Copenhagen & Cancun: What is the Politically Feasible Path to Comprehensive Targets for Greenhouse Gas Emissions?"
Mar. 30 (Wednesday), 4:45 PM, Devlin 008 Ayhan Kose, International Monetary Fund "Emerging Markets: Resilience and Growth Amid Global Turmoil"
Apr. 11 Frank Smets, European Central Bank "Monetary Policy Strategy, Non-Standard Measures and the Lower Bound on Interest Rates" (w/H. Pill)
Apr. 29 (Friday) Higgins 225 Jeffrey Fuhrer, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston "Inflation, Expectations, and the Fed's Exit Strategy from Post-Crisis Expansion"
May 2 Martin Feldstein, Harvard University "What's Next for the American Economy?"

Spring 2017

 Date  Speaker  Title
March 29 TBD  
April 5 Dongho Song News-Driven Uncertainty Fluctuations
April 12 Fabio Schiantarelli Internal Capital Markets in Times of Crisis:  The Case of Italian Business Groups
April 26 Rosen Valchev  Endogenous Exorbitant Privilege, International Business Cycles and Welfare
May 3 Kris Nimark Delegated Information Choice

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 28 Ryan Chahrour News or Noise? The Missing Link
Oct. 12 Ethan Struby  
Oct. 19 Ana Lariau  
Nov. 2 Alex Eiermann Effective Monetary Policy at the Zero-Lower-Bound
Nov. 9 Tzuo Law  
Nov. 16 Macro Reading Group  
Nov. 30 Pablo Guerron  
Dec. 7 Rosen Valchev Information Cost, Unlearnable Uncertainty and the Secular Decline in the Home Bias

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Title
March 16 Alexandre Kohlhas
Stockholm University
Learning-by-Sharing: Monetary Policy and the Information Content of Public Signals
March 23 Fabio Schiantarelli
Boston College 
March 30 Rosen Valchev
Boston College
What Drives Order Flow in Currency Markets?
April 13 Alexander Eiermann
Boston College
April 20 Michael Connolly
Boston College
April 27 Jaromir Nosal
Boston College
May 11 Pierre De Leo, Boston College   Information Acquisition and Self-fulfilling Business Cycles

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Title
September 30 Susanto Basu  Challenges for New Keynesian Models with Sticky Wages
October 7 Wen Zhang Globalization, Offshoring and Monetary Control
October 14 Tristan Potter Learning and Job Search Dynamics During the Great Recession

October 21

Giacomo Candian

Information Frictions and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics
October 28 Rosen Valchev Paralyzed by Fear: Rigid and Discrete Pricing under Demand Uncertainty
November 4 Ethan Struby Macroeconomic Speculation in the Yield Curve
November 11 Tzuo Hann Law  
November 18

Jaromir Nosal

December 2 Ryan Chahrour  
December 9 Chris Maxwell The Ratings Percentage Index (RPI) and the Fundamental Theorem of Markov Chains


Spring 2015

 Date  Speaker  Title
April 29 Tristan Potter "Discouragement and Job Search Dynamics: Measurement and Theory"

Fall 2014


 Date  Speaker  Title
October 8 Giridaran Subramaniam "Mobile Money: A Theoretical study of Alternative Media of Exchange, and an Empirical study with respect to M-Pesa in Kenya"
October 15 Scott Fulford, with Fabio Schiantarelli and Ivan Petkov "Ethnicity Dynamics and Economic Performance in U.S. Counties: 1850-2010"
October 22 Laura Bonacorsi TBA
October 29 John Seater "Trade and Social Welfare When Economic Growth and Industrial Structure Are Endogenous"
November 5 Ethan Struby "Your Guess is as Good as Mine: Central Bank Information and the Signalling Channel of Monetary Policy"
November 12 Pierre De Leo with Susanto Basu "Optimal Monetary Policy in a Model with Investment Goods"
November 19 Filippo De Marco "Bank Lending and the Sovereign Debt Crisis"
December 5 Rosalia Greco "The Politics of Immigration: A Reform"
December 10 Marco Macchiavelli "The Role of Dispersed Information in Pricing Default: Evidence from the CDS Market"
 Date  Speaker  Title
Feb. 24, 12-1:30, Maloney 313 Mike Sinkinson
University of Pennsylvania,
Wharton School
"Ask Your Doctor? Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Pharmaceuticals"
Feb. 25, 12-1:30, Cushing 209 Mike Sinkinson
University of Pennsylvania,
Wharton School
"Ask Your Doctor? Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Pharmaceuticals"
March 10, 12-1:30, Maloney 313     Jordi Jaumandreu
Boston University
"Measuring the Bias of Technological Change"
March 10, 4:30-6, Gasson 305
Jordi Jaumandreu
Boston University
"Estimation of Production Functions"
March 16, 12-1:30, Maloney 313 Enrique Seoane-Vazquez
Mass. College of Pharmacy and Health Services
"Comparing the Cost of community pharmacy and mail-order pharmacy in a US retirement system"
March 17, 12-1:30, Maloney 313 Pierre Dubois
Toulouse School of Economics
"The Effects of Banning Advertising in Junk Food Markets"
March 17, 4:30-6, Carney 206 Pierre Dubois
Toulouse School of Economics
"Identifying Contracts in Vertical Relations and Market Power Estimation"
March 25, 12-1:30, Maloney 313 Nikhil Agarwal
"Demand Analysis using Strategic Reports: An Application to a School Choice Mechanism"
March 25, 4:30-6, Stokes N215 Nikhil Agarwal
"Empirical Matching Markets"
April 10, 12-1:30, Maloney 313 Marc Rysman
Boston University
"Estimation of Dynamic Models"
April 14
Stokes S213
Robin Lee
Harvard University
"Empirical Bargaining Models in IO"
April 14 12-1:30 Maloney 313 Robin Lee
Harvard University
"Insurer Competition in Health Care Markets"
April 15, 12-1:30, Cushing 209 Francesco Decarolis
Boston University
"Health Care Markets"
April 21, 5-6:30, Gasson 305 Ben Shiller
Brandeis University
"Machine Learning and Price Discrimination"
April 23, 4:30-6, Fulton 245 Ben Shiller
Brandeis University
"Machine Learning and Price Discrimination"
April 28, 12-1:30, Maloney 313 Victor Aguirregabiria
University of Toronto
"Dynamic Spatial Competition"
April 29, 12-1:30, McGuinn 334 Victor Aguirregabiria
University of Toronto
"Dynamic Games"