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Mehmet Ekmekci




Selected Publications

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"Auctions, Actions and the Failure of Information Aggregation," with Alp Atakan, 2014. American Economic Review, 104:7, 2014-2048

"Bargaining and Reputation in Search Markets," with Alp Atakan, 2014. Review of Economic Studies, 81:1, 1-29

"Reputation in Long-Run Relationships," with Alp Atakan, 2012. Review of Economic Studies, 79:2, 751-780

"Impermanent Types and Permanent Reputations," with Olivier Gossner and Andrea Wilson, 2012. Journal of Economic Theory, 147, 142-178

"Sustainable Reputations with Rating Systems," 2011. Journal of Economic Theory, 146, 2, 479-503