Ph.D. Candidates Seeking Employment: 2018-2019

The faculty of the Boston College Department of Economics are pleased to offer the following job candidates for your consideration. Full details on their fields of expertise, dissertation research, and doctoral committee are presented in the linked pages.

Please contact any candidate's advisor or the Placement Director, Prof. Fabio Schiantarelli, for additional information regarding any of our job candidates. You may also reference contact information for each of our faculty members.

Name Fields CV Job Market Paper References
Dominique Brabant International Economics, Macroeconomics, International Finance  Download The Effect of Exchange Rate Uncertainty on International Trade: The Role of Financial Frictions James Anderson
Rosen Valchev
Peter Ireland
Michael F. Connolly Monetary Economics, Banking, Macro-Finance Download The Real Effects of Stress Testing Fabio Schiantarelli
Pierluigi Balduzzi
Philip Strahan
Zhijie Xiao
Pierre De Leo Macroeconomics, International Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics Download International Spillovers and the Exchange Rate Channel of Monetary Policy Susanto Basu
Ryan Chahrour
Pablo Guerrón Quintana
William T. Hickman Applied Microeconomics, Empirical Industrial Organization, Law and Economics Download Tort Reform and Multi-Round Pre-Trial Settlement Bargaining with Asymmetric Information Julie Mortimer
Michael Grubb
Richard Sweeney
Mashfiqur R. Khan
Ph.D. 2017
Labor Economics, Demography and Health Economics, Applied Econometrics Download Do Stronger Employment Discrimination Protections Decrease Reliance on Social Security Disability Insurance? Evidence from the Social Security Reforms Patrick Button (Tulane University)
Matthew Rutledge
Joseph Quinn
Jacob Penglase
Ph.D. 2018
Applied Econometrics, Development Economics, Labor Economics, Family Economics Download Consumption Inequality among Children: Evidence from Child Fostering in Malawi Arthur Lewbel
S Anukriti
Olivier Bargain (University of Bordeaux)
Bo Wang Econometrics, Financial Econometrics Download Semiparametric Sieve Estimation of Dynamic Copula Models with Filtered Nonstationarity Zhijie Xiao
Arthur Lewbel
Shakeeb Khan