Become a Preceptor

What’s crucial to a graduate nursing student’s transition from classroom to clinic? A passionate preceptor to guide a student in learning practical skills, mastering patient interaction, and navigating new work environments.

The Connell School places a premium on finding the right match with a personalized process of pairing student with preceptor. 

The Benefits of Precepting 

Each preceptor receives a recertification credit in advanced practice through the American Nurses Credentialing Center and the National Certification Corporation. 

We thank each preceptor with one of the following: 

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For more information about precepting contact:

Rigobert Noel

Assistant Director of Clinical Placement

All CSON preceptors also enjoy: 

  • Recognition as an Advanced Practice Clinical Preceptor
  • Access to Boston College’s libraries, museums, and cultural events, as well as CSON events such as the Pinnacle Lecture Series
  • Invitation to Preceptor Appreciation Night and other networking and research opportunities
  • Voice magazine mailed to you
  • Opportunities to give guest lectures
  • Faculty letters of reference, editing of manuscripts, and résumé reviews
I precept for the love of the job, and for the love of teaching. But I also do it to keep me on my toes.
Cynthia Tefft, M.S. ’82

What our students have to say about their preceptors...

She embodies everything in a nurse practitioner that students going through school hope to some day become. I admire her intelligence and compassion and want to thank her for making my clinical year an invaluable experience. Over the course of the past year, I found not just a preceptor, but a mentor and a friend.
Rachel Lehouillier
Tracey takes the role of being a preceptor seriously and does everything she can to provide me the best learning experience possible. She is always looking for new learning experiences for me and proactively sends me with other clinicians in her office if they have something new or different that I would benefit from seeing. She has told me that she really enjoys being a preceptor because it constantly helps her to learn new things. She encourages me to ask questions and when she is unsure of the answer (which is rare), we work together to figure it out. She is not only an excellent preceptor, she is a wonderful person and deserves to be recognized for all that she does.
Sarah Tomashefski
Over the year, James has been a preceptor who not only exemplifies excellence in practice, but is a great teacher and mentor. He has shown me that nurse practitioners can be excellent clinicians as well as leaders in practice.
Loic Assobmo