LinkedIn Learning Resources for Faculty & Staff

Continuous Learning is among the 11 University-wide performance attributes/competencies. These competencies are the skills, knowledge, and abilities that reflect the mission and values of Boston College. LinkedIn Learning provides Boston College faculty and staff with over 15,000 on-demand courses on skills related to communication, team building, management, and creative skills from industry experts.

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Explore the LinkedIn Learning Paths and individual courses curated specifically for Boston College Employees.

LinkedIn Learning's diverse array of courses offers employees the opportunity to continuously develop important competencies at their own pace. Below are learning paths and courses selected to enhance core skills and foster an environment conducive to continuous professional growth, ultimately ensuring a more impactful and enriching career at Boston College.


Project Management

You might not be a certified project manager but you probably use the skills needed to keep projects on track and on budget. Communicating with key stakeholders about deadlines and tasks is a valuable skill as you work with colleagues to successfully manage a project.

Improve Focus and Productivity

With all the distractions around us, it can be hard to focus our attention and manage our time. Review these courses to help you manage your attention and implement strategies to overcome procrastination and focus on what's most important.

Communicate Confidently and Effectively

Public speaking is a fear for many but it is an important leadership skill to develop. Below is a collection to help you manage your anxiety and speak effectively with confidence.

Individual Courses